Chapter 3

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Casey got into her car still angry with Sam, not only did he go back on his word again but he may have cost her a job that she wanted. She hope the cute New Species, Jericho would look past what happened and see that she was the person for this job.

Speaking of Jericho the man was freaking tall. She was 5'2 so most people were tall but he was probably 6 foot. He also had the longest hair she had ever seen and though it was in a ponytail she could tell it probably reached mid-back. It was black but beautiful and don't even get her started on his beefy muscles. He looked like something straight out if her wildest fantasies.

As she made her way out of Reservation he thoughts began to turn back to Sam and Gracie. She was serious when she said that this was his last chance. She would no longer let Gracie get hurt because her father didn't want to be a father. She would get a restraining order or something and make sure that what happened today never happened again.

After a long drive to Sam's place she finally arrived to see Sam, Sam's parents and Gracie waiting for her on the porch. Sam's parents hadn't really been in Gracie life, they sent presents for her birthday and Christmas but that was it so she was a bit surprised to see them here. She got out of the car as Gracie ran to her.

"Mommy don't let them take me" she said latching on to her leg. Casey picked her up and kissed her head.

"No one is taking you away from me." Casey said as Sam and his parents join me. "I have full custody of Gracie and she is not going anywhere without my permission."

"We will be fight for custody of Cassandra" Sam's mother Patricia said.

"Her name is Gracie and the state already decided that I was more fit to take care of her end of discussion." Casey said.

"Say goodbye to your dad Gracie" Gracie just waved as Casey turned to leave. Sam grabbed her arm preventing her from leaving. Casey set Gracie down and told her to get in the car before turning to Sam. The next thing she knew she was on the ground holding her cheek. The asshole had hit her.

"I have been patient with you but now I'm just going to force you to marry me then you can never threaten to take my daughter away from me." He said reaching down to force Casey to stand.

"No hurt Mommy, Daddy" Gracie said hitting his leg with all her might.

"Shut up you little brat" he said pushing her away. Gracie landed on arm hard making her cry out.

"GRACIE!!" Casey yelled before getting up and punching Sam in his face then rushing over to Gracie and picking her up. She quickly put her in the car as Sam's parent helped Sam to his feet. Casey quickly got in her car and drove to the first place she could think of that would safe. Reservation. As she reached the gate the same guard came up to her and noticed her face and the screaming child in the back.

"Mommy, it hurt" Gracie said crying .

"Please help us" Casey said trying not to cry. The guard looked back at the other guard and nodded before the gate opened.

"Park the car to the left and I will have someone take you to guest housing while you wait for a doctor." He said.

"Thank you" she said.

""You're welcome" he said. Casey drove her car forward then parked it to the left before quickly getting out and getting her daughter who was still crying and clutching her arm.

"Shhh, it's okay he won't every hurt us again." Casey said. Tiger came up to them and noticed her face and Gracie.

"I'm so sorry for coming back but I wasn't thinking I just needed to get my daughter away from him." She said clutching her daughter closer to her chest.

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