Chapter 1

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Casey Smith

Casey Smith woke up to little hands touching her face. She gave a small smile as her five year old daughter, Gracie tried to wake her up.

"Mommy wake up" Gracie said. Casey smiled before opening one eye.

"What do I get if I do?" She asked.

"What you want?" She asked.

"How about five kisses?" She said before closing her eye. She felt a tiny body lean against hers and then tiny lips on her lips. Casey opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around her before kissing her all over her face. Gracie giggled and tried to escape by wiggling.

"Stop it Mommy" Gracie giggled as her cellphone went off. Casey gave her daughter one last kiss before letting her go and telling her to go play in living room. Gracie got off the bed and ran down the hall, disappearing around the corner as Casey picked up her cellphone to see it was her mother. Julie Smith is Casey's best friend. She supported her when at sixteen Casey discovered she was pregnant. Her mother sat her down and told her no matter what she decided to do she would support her no matter what.

"Hey Mom" Casey said sitting up.

"Good morning Casey, did you see the news?" She asked.

"No, why?" She asked.

"Some idiot got himself arrested for trying to shot a NSO guard."

"Serves him right" Casey said. Her mother loved New Species. Casey was barely ten years old when they were freed from Mercile. Mercile was a pharmaceutical company that did illegal experiment on them and when it hit the news her mother was glued to the t.v. That news kept Julie from completely falling apart because that year was the year her husband was hit by drunk driver. A year later Julie went into grief counseling and since then she has been doing great and has been a devoted mother and grandmother.

"Look mom, I have to go get Gracie  ready for Sam to take her to school." Casey said.

"Is he still trying to get you to consider marrying him?" She asked.

"Yup but I keep saying no"

"Keep that up he doesn't deserve you."

"Okay mom, love you"

"Love you too" she said. They hung up as Casey got up and grabbed her robe and put it on. She made her way downstairs where her daughter was watching The Land Before Time. She made her way into the kitchen and got breakfast ready which was scrambled egg and toast.

"Gracie, come and eat" she said loud enough for her daughter to hear. A few seconds later Gracie came walking in as Casey placed her breakfast on the table. Gracie sat down and began eating. After they ate they went back upstairs and into Gracie's room.

"What do you want to wear today?" Casey asked. Gracie went over to her dresser and pulled out black leggings and a pink shirt. She put it on along with her underwear, while Casey grabbed Gracie's socks and shoes. She handed them to Gracie before she left the room to go across the hall to the bathroom. She grabbed a hair brush and ponytail before going back across the hall to help Gracie do her hair. As Casey finished Gracie's hair the doorbell rang.

"Daddy!!" Gracie said before rushing downstairs towards the front door. Casey followed a little slower not really excited to see her ex. Sam Winston was by definition a rich playboy. They met when they were both fourteen and had been together one in a half years. It's a basic story of a sixteen year old girl in love with a boy who gets her pregnant then leaves her when his parents say that it's either his inheritance or his girlfriend and child. He chose wrong.

After he walked out on her, Casey chose to keep the baby and raise it by herself. The day Gracie was born Sam's parents came to the hospital and offered her ten thousand dollars to give them the baby and let them raise it but she refused. Sam came the next day and told her he wanted to be a family but she had a feeling that the reason he was here is because his parents made him so she told him that she no longer loved him and that she didn't need him in her life but would accept him in her daughter's life. She also refused to give Gracie, Sam's last name thinking that it went better with Smith then Winston.

After that they worked as co-parents and it had work well tell last year when Sam showed up at her house with a sign saying "Will you marry me?" She said no then shut the door in his face. Since then he has been asking her to marry him everyday but she refused every time knowing she deserved better then him. Casey opened the front door to reveal Sam. Gracie smiled and hugged him.

"Hey kiddo" Sam said.

"Sam, are you sure you can take her because if you pull what you did last time again I am going to be so pissed off?" She asked.

"I can take her I made sure that my schedule is clear for this weekend." Sam said.

"Good" Casey said handing Sam Gracie's backpack before looking at Gracie. "Okay, sweetheart give me a kiss." Gracie went over to her mother and gave her a kiss. As she watched her whole world walk away with her ex her cellphone rang. It was her assistant, Stacy Carmichael.

"What's up Stacy?" She asked.

"You would never guess who just called?"

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