August POV
I was just in the studio smoking a blunt working on some new shit when y/n texted me and said she was on the way.

I heard a knock on the door I yelled "come in" as y/n walked in wearing some high waisted shorts that showed her thick golden legs with a flower tattoo going up the side, she had on a bad bitches link up half shirt that showed her belly ring and her hair went straight down to her ass I ain't gone lie she had a nigga turned on. she sat down in the chair next to me. I got interrupted by my thoughts by her talking

Y/n: August.....can I hit the blunt??

August: did chu put some money on this blunt?

Y/n *smacked her lips*

August: you know I'm just playin baybeh I said while handing her the blunt.
I watched as she let the blunt hit her sexy soft lips and I couldn't hold it in any longer I put one of my hands on her leg and started rubbing her inner thigh while she started looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes I reached for her button then looked up at her to make sure she wanted me to, she nodded her head as i took her shorts off that revealed her blue lace thong "damn" I rubbed on her clit as she let out little moans I put one finger in while she grinded her hips Y/n: damn August

"Get up" I growled , she obeyed. I walked her over to the couch and immediately started ramming in her wet pussy from the back "damn you tight" y/n: yes August please don't stop
I pulled her hair and smacked her ass while she tooted it up On my dick
y/n: daddy ashbbhhvf

"You like daddy dick huh???

Y/n: August.... Hello..... You gone pass me the blunt or what??August...hello...

August: uh, um huh,

Y/n: damn you been staring at me for ten minutes pass me the blunt nigga damn

August: but... We was just...

Y/n: we was just what???

August: shit... Nothing I guess

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