Your name in this imagine will be Brittany.

I had just got finished getting ready to meet up with with my friends Ariana and Ashely at the beach and I was just about to head out the door when my boyfriend August stopped me

August: Britt where the hell you going? He said looking me up and down

Brittany: I'm going to the beach August you already knew that I said annoyed

August: nah you not going nowhere like that he said while continuing to watch tv

Brittany: like what August? I said mean mugging him

August: in that little ass bathing suit with yo ass nd titties out . no go fucking change

Brittany: fuck you August you ain't my daddy I said walking towards the door

but I was soon stopped by August towering over me with his hands on the door keeping it shut. I turned towards him annoyed as he look down at me and licked his lips

Brittany: move your long ass arms August

August: what that shit you just said?

Brittany: August move

August had lifted me up and carried me to the kitchen counter and positioned himself in between my legs while looking in my eyes

August: you got a smart ass mouth. you know daddy don't like that

Brittany: August stop being so damn difficult and let me go

August: you wanna go huh? He said while rubbing my boobs roughly turning me on a little

Brittany: August stop

Before I knew it he had pulled my bathing suit off and started licking in between my thighs teasing me
Until he finally just dove in licking every spot making me feel multiple orgasms through my body and my legs started to shake I felt as if I couldn't breathe

Brittany: oh shit August I'm about to-

And without warning he rammed into me hard making me arch my back and scratch his

August: tell *stroke daddy *stroke you *stroke sorry *stroke

Brittany: aw fuckkkkkk August no

He flipped me over an bent me over against the counter an began pounding in and out of me while grabbing a handful of my hair and smacking my ass
August: Brittany *stroke say *stroke it *stroke

Brittany: aw fuck daddy I'm sorrrrryyyyyy

August: for what? He said while smacking my ass real hard

Brittany: I feel like I have to pee Aug....august

August: tell daddy what u sorry for as he gripped my hair tighter

Brittany: awwwwww fuckkkkk daddy I'm sorry for talking back I managed to say as i felt myself squirt all over August dick

August: "do it again and see what happens" he said while quickly pulling his jogging pants back on and walking away leaving me there breathless

Brittany: damn

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