I looked at the clock as I finished getting my makeup done and my hair wand curled it was 1o:44 and I was getting ready to go to August Alsina after party with my girlfriends Ashely and Kayla.

I put my black lace dress on with my black red bottoms and silver accessories. my door opened and I knew it was Kayla and Ashely I walked out the door and into the car

Kayla: you look sexy

Me: I know

Ashely: yo little cocky ass

Me: let's take a selfie we look gooood lol

We took the picture as we pulled up to the club I got out and fixed my dress we walked inside and it was packed I looked around for August until the dj started talking into the mic "everybody turn the fuck up we got the yungin August alsina in the motherfuckin building" as he started playing I luv this shit. Ashely pulled me into the v.i.p. section where he was, the bodyguard stood in front.

Bodyguard: sorry y'all can't be in here

I turned around Finna walk away when I heard a sexy southern voice say "let em in" I walked up the stairs, August eyes didn't leave my body I could just imagine him undressing me he came over to me and whispered "come with me" I grabbed his hand as he lead me out the club and into his Lamborghini he let the top down as my hair blew in the wind while his hand was on my thigh we finally got to his mansion and I didn't even care about how nice the house was all I cared about was getting him inside me.

I roughly pushed him against the wall and started kissing on his neck making him grunt he quickly took control and ripped my dress off and wrapped my legs around his waist while lifting me up and kissing on my neck making me so wet he put me down and lead me into his room where he ripped my panties off and rammed into with no warning he was huge so it was hard for me to adjust at first but after a couple minutes I couldn't control my screams from how good he felt.

Y/n: August, damn, don't stawp

August: turn around

I obeyed as he pounded in and out of my soaking wet pussy

August: damn you tight

Y/n:I'm Finna cum

August: hold it

Y/n: I can't. *I managed to say *

I released all over his dick as I breathed hard tired and wore out

August: nun uh we ain't done, ride me

I got on top already feeling myself reaching my climax , I went faster as I bounced up and down on his dick

August: damn take this dick

I felt August cum and soon after I did as well I collapsed onto the bed next to him
Y/n: that was the best sex I ever had. I'm y/n by the way

August: wassup y/n he said smirking and kissing my forehead.


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