"But i need them"

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Your name in this imagine will be Stacy

Background info:
My birthday had past a month ago and my boyfriend August got me everything I wanted (he's so good to me) but I was online browsing and I saw these 500$ pair of shoes and I needed them badly.

I looked up from my phone and wondered how would I get August to buy these shoes and then I got it.
I hurried upstairs and jumped into the shower, lotion up my body and threw on my pink lace bra with the matching thong.
I went downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for August to get home.
After a couple minutes I heard the door open

August: bae where you at?

Stacy: I'm right here baby

August: oh damn I see you was waiting on daddy

I walked over to August and started taking his jacket off and kissing on his neck

August: hold on bae let me go take a shower first

Stacy: Kay

I sat back on the couch waiting impatiently for aug to get out the shower finally he came out and stood in the middle of the floor in the living room with nothing but his towel and water dripping down his body.

I walked over to him continuing kissing on his neck instead this time licking the water dripping of his body he motioned for us to go into the bedroom, he laid in bed as I got on top of him slowly grinding my hips making him hard

Stacy: so daddy

August: hmm he said while biting his lip. Holding back his moans

Stacy: I seen these nice heels online today and I really need them I said while grinding faster

August: shit, Stacy why you teasing just ride this dick already he said in a command

He tired to take my panties off but I smacked his hand

Stacy: nope you have to answer the question first daddy

I said while rubbing up against his shaft

August: how much they cost Stacy

Stacy: only 500 daddy

I said while opening his towel and moving my thongs to the side and sliding down onto him so I could begin to ride him I rocked my body back and forth as August closed his eyes in satisfaction

Stacy: so does that mean yes
I said bouncing up and down

August: fuck Stacy yes you can get em .
damn you ride this dick good

Stacy: thanks daddy I said while getting off him and rushing down stairs

August: Stacy what the fuck? Where you going?

Stacy: to go order my shoes duh 😜

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