I watched as my husband August struggled to put his tie on, every time he wears a suit he has an horrible time putting his tie on so I walked over to him and fixed it for him. as I finished I looked up to see him smirking

What? I said while looking at him like a creep.

"Nothing A nigga just love you that's all" he said while grabbing my face and kissing my forehead.

"Love you to five head, now hurry up before we be late".. I said while looking in the mirror adjusting my pencil skirt.

"Alright, alright.. Just let me take a selfie first".

I re applied my lip gloss and ran my fingers through my hair that was currently in a bob as August finished taking his selfie. we were on are way to August second album release Dinner/party and I was so proud of my baby.

We walked outside to August Range Rover as he opened my door and ran over to get in the car i admired his tall sexy light bright self.

I looked out the window the whole ride as August was singing every song that came on the radio, we finally arrived at the restaurant and everyone was at the reserved table waiting on our arrival.

We sat down and talked to everyone for a while until August got up to make a speech

"Wassup everybody", he said while smiling hard as everyone laughed.
"I just want to say thanks to everyone that came out to support me. thanks to everybody that helped me make "this thing called life" possible. this truly is a blessing to be able to put my second album out. I grind everyday to make this shit possible, also I want to say a big thanks to my wife Kendra for always being there for a nigga and supporting me through thick and thin and to being my Number one fan love you baybeh", I smiled widely while looking directly in his eyes while some people started saying "how cute" and "aww" shit that's all I got to say. he said while re seating everybody giggled at his last remark.

As everyone was eating and socializing i felt august put his hand on my thigh while whispering in my ear "babe you look so gud, i just wanna eat you", i whimpered at his remarks but i had to remember we was in a public place with friends and family member's so i had to control myself...

as everyone finished eating the time got later and we all started to head out.

the ride home was silent but there was no need for words. we finally got home and I watched as August fine ass walked into the front door, it's just something about him in a suit that turns me on.

as we got in the house august was about to head upstairs until I grabbed his arm leading him back downstairs

"Daddy you look so yummy in that suit" I said while sliding his jacket off

"I do?" He said smirking hard as hell

Mhhmm I said while nodding my head and biting my lip damn he was making me horny and he could tell. i started unbuttoning his shirt looking him deep in his eyes.

"August I"..... He backed me into the wall and whispered in my ear "you ain't gotta tell daddy I know you want it baybeh"

" I just can't get enough of you boy" I said on a ultimate high from just his words

This is just a little sumn for y'all since i haven't made one in a while. S/N: TRAP LIFE is out now Please Go Read It I'm working very hard on this book and i know you guys will love it

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