Your name in this imagine will be Denise

Background info:
Me and August use to date months ago but we broke up because I was tired of him neglecting me and being disrespectful by cheating on me.
but I missed him and the way we use to made love and I haven't had any sex in months and I needed it badly.

I sat in my bubble bath and couldn't help how much I missed August.
I finish washing myself then sat on my bed staring at my phone wondering if I should call I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed his number *rings*

August: Denise? What up?

"Can you come over please"

August: yea I'll be there in a minute you good?

"Yes just hurry please"

I hung up the phone and turned on my surround sound that played
🎶 "do what it do" by Jamie foxx🎶
While I put on my glitter lotion with my love spell perfume I slipped on my lace see through panties&bra by V.S. and put my silk robe that came to my mid thigh My hair was bone straight and I had put a little lip gloss on.

I looked at myself in the mirror until the door bell rang i Walked downstairs in a hurry and swung the door open
August stood there in his legend blues(Jordan's) with his all white pants and shirt and he just got a fresh haircut just looking at him made me wet.

Denise: hi *I said innocently*

August: wassup beybeh , you gone let a nigga in or just gone stare at me

I soon as he said that I pulled him in and slammed the door and kissed him roughly and started licking on his neck he stopped me and pushed me hard against the wall (I like it rough) and ripped my robe off.

August: damn you was waiting for daddy

Denise: yes

August: Denise tell me how much you want this dick *he said while biting his lip*

Denise: daddy I need it bad

I walked August upstairs to my bedroom and crawled in bed as he watched my every move I layed back as he got on top of me while kissing on my neck down to stomach and into my inner thigh "Mhh August" he had never went down on me before.
He pulled my panties down and started flicking his tongue up and down making me arch my back and grip the sheets "daddy don't stop" he pinned my legs down and started fingering me I had to gasp for air because I felt as if I couldn't breathe he quickly went in and out of me with his two fingers making me squirt

August: see what daddy make you do

I helped August take his clothes off and as I took his underwear off his dick sprung up he used his hands to stroke it

August: see what you do to me Denise

He slowly put the tip in as I gasped for air "damn you tight" he went in and out slow then he started stroking fast it felt so good I could cry.

he flipped me over and pounded in and out of me I tired running but he just pulled me back and went harder
he stopped and layed on his back as I found the strength to ride him I started bouncing up and down and I knew he was close by the grunts he was making my walls tighten around him and all my juices flowed down on his shaft
I quickly got off him and started licking up and down his shaft I knew he was Finna cum so I started licking the tip "damn Denise shit" he came and I licked it all up then layed next to him weak and sore

August: Denise we getting back together i don't care what chu say

Denise: okay daddy

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