I've been looking for a job for a while now since I quit from my job as assistant manager at a clothing store because I felt I wasn't getting paid enough, I told my friend Carmen about me loosing my job an she recommended me to this job for her good friend.
I didn't know who her friend was.
all I knew was that he needed a maid, at first I wasn't going to take the job because I ain't no damn maid but then she said he'll pay 1,000 dollars every time I come and clean an I just couldn't pass that up so now here I am driving to his house to have a meeting/ interview for the job.

I followed the directions up to the big mansion and my eyes shot open
"damn I have to clean all this"
I quickly got out the car and made my way up the stairs and rung the doorbell I stood there for a minute until some lady in a suit came to the door shaking my hand.

Hello my name is Sharon and I am August's assistant, he is on tour right now and he would like for his house to be clean before he gets home. what's your name honey?

My name is y/n. an when will he be home?


But it's Friday and this is a big house *I said with a little attitude*

Ooh I would loose that attitude if i was you mr. Alsina doesn't like that missy

Alsina.....Wait this is August Alsina house. OMG I'm going to kill Carmen she never told me this was August freakin Alsina house

Yea Okay back to business here are the spare keys to the house ,this is your uniform, here is your first check, no guests, no sleeping on the job... nor texting, be on time and leave this house spotless.

I lifted up the uniform and looked at her like she was crazy. "I have to wear this. why? This ain't a uniform it's lingerie. here I'm not wearing this"

Listen he wants you to wear that.
and don't disobey the boss, and girl he won't even be here when you are so you'll be fine missy.

Okay well when do I start?

You Can start now by learning where everything is at. Come on follow me

I followed as she walked me through the house ,it was so nice it had a big ass back yard with a big ass pool ,white furniture everything was just so nice.
She finally finished showing me the house.
I headed to my car and hurried and grabbed my phone I had some words for Carmen.

I woke up the next morning and hurried into the shower I got out and started to get ready I really wasn't comfortable with this uniform but he wasn't gone be there so it doesn't even matter and I look good in it anyways.
I curled my hair and put on a little makeup I decided to put on my black red bottoms to match with the uniform. moments later I grabbed my jacket an got into my car heading to August's house.
I got there ,went inside an hooked my iPhone to the speaker to play some music. I found the cleaning supplies and started to clean..,......
Hours later I had cleaned Half of the house and I was exhausted I got into my car drove home, took a shower and went to bed.
The next day I did my daily routine again and got dressed, put my heels on and did my hair an makeup.
today I needed to finish the rest of the house an get out of there before August got home.............
I got into my car an drove to august house I finally arrived ,I unlocked the door and started playing my music and cleaning the downstairs since I did the upstairs yesterday.
My phone started ringing and I had to answer, it was my mother ,checking on me an seeing how my job was going. I got so caught up in the conversation I stopped cleaning (I guess I can't do two things at once) I got finished with the conversation and I heard someone's voice behind me

Did you enjoy ya conversation?

I turned around to see August standing in the door way with his arms folded I stood there shocked because God he was so fine, he had on all black jeans with no shirt and some red and black Jordan's

Uh um I'm sorry, my mom had called and-

Why are you still here I told Sharon to tell you to be done before I come home

See um uh.....I uh... I started to loose my breathe. by him walking up to me and staring directly in my eyes

He roughly pulled me close to him holding me by my hips whispering in my ear "U should be fired fa disobeying daddy's orders. but damn you look good In That uniform"

He walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair "come here"

At first I hesitated but it was like he had an control over me I slowly walked over to him.
He grabbed me roughly and laid me across his lap and gave my ass a big smack "ahh" his Hands slid down, starting to rub my kitty fast.
I lifted up away from him "I'm sorry I can't do this with you August"

I tried to get up and walk away but he picked me up and sat me on his desk and ripped the thong I had on underneath my uniform and starting fingering me roughly while adding another finger in my tight kitty
"Aug... August"

And right when I felt myself about to cum he started tongue kissing my other set of lips, I tried pushing him away but he just pushed me back and pended my legs down so that I couldn't move. I kept squirming trying to move away

"Don't move" he said so demanding
I tried to listen but it just felt so good I couldn't stop my legs from shaking

You just love to disobeying daddy huh?
He said while unfastening his belt pulling down his pants and underwear, his dick sprang up an I was shocked by how huge he was ,before I could get out my thoughts he rammed into
"ooh August abujjvff"

Call me daddy baybeh, I wanna hear you say it

Daddy , please don't stop
*I said while digging my nails into his back*

August looked into my eyes and kissed me so passionate and continued to stroke in and out of me

"Turn around"

I turned around as he began to deep stroke and pull my hair, I started to tighten myself around him

Damn y/n don't do that shit

I pulled him out of me and pushed him down on the desk and started riding him, bouncing up and down as he rapped his hands around my neck.
I felt multiple orgasms , my juices released all over his shaft

Y/n you so fucking tight damn

He picked me up while still inside of me and pushed me against the wall while stroking deep and slow

"Daddy you feel so good"

And before I knew it we had both came Together

Gawd I think I love this job

Here you go Newnewswag159 I hope you like it 😘

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