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Background info:
Me and my boyfriend August have been dating for a while well my whole life to be exact me and August knew each other every since we were kids growing up in the same neighborhood, going to the same school (until he dropped out) and he was my first and I want him to be my last but it doesn't seem like he wants that's. it's not like I want to rush him into anything it's just I wanna get married and have his child (little aug) I can imagine it now 😍 us being a happy family. but for now I'll just have to wait

August just texted me;

DaddyAug🍆👫👪💏💑💍💋: be ready by eight sexy 😈

Me: okay daddy 😩😍😳
Moments later after taking my shower oiling my body up and spraying my new nicki minaj perfume and getting dress after finishing my hair and makeup I was curious to see what my man had in Store I looked at the clock to see 8:00 and squealed once I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to see August standing there with a suite and Bouquet of flowers my heart melted at the sight of his warm presence.

August: have I ever told you that your the most beautiful women in the world

Yn: awe and have I ever told you that you was the most sexiest man I've ever seen

August: I've been told a couple times

Yn: oh stut up

I grabbed the flowers and set them on the corner and headed out the door.

As we where in the car I wondered where we was going until we made it to this restaurant but there was no cars in the parking lot, I looked over to August who had this big smirk on his face as he got out the car and opened my door up.

He grabbed my hand as we walked inside and there wasn't a person in Sight we had the whole restaurant to ourselves with dim light and flowers everywhere along with candles as 🎶Jon B "I do" 🎶 played softly in The background

Yn: this is so beautiful August

August: not as beautiful as you

I looked down and blushed as we sat at this beautiful table with candles, roses and wine in ice buckets I looked up to August and it looked like he was in full thought

Yn: aug what's the matter?

August: nothing, I just want you to know that your special to me and I don't wanna loose you and I know i be on the road and busy alot but I want you to know your always on my mind Yn.

Yn: aww aug that was so sweet

The waiter came and asked for our orders we waited in silence just looking at each other until our food came back but I didn't have no appetite all I wanted was August

August: you not gone eat?

Yn: no I just wanna enjoy this moment

August: I understand you want daddy instead...

I playfully rolled my eyes and watched as the waiter came back asking us for dessert

August: I'll have some cheesecake and bring her back the special chocolate cake he said while winking at the waiter

Yn: I don't even like chocolate like that August 😒

August: just wait you gone love this chocolate I promise

I waited till the dessert got here and there was something on top of it, kinda sparkled a little and as he sat it down an there was an 24 karat ring sitting on top of this cake I picked it up and looked at August

Yn: what is this ?

August go on his knees right in
Front of me and looked me directly in the eyes

August: will you make me the most happiest man in the world and marry me?

Yn: yasssss August yassss

He lifted me up and swirled me around while kissing me so passionate.

August: I want you to have my babies.

Yn: okay daddy 👅

Ms_Willis I just want to say thank you for being patient with me and always supporting I hope you like this my darling 😍

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