Model For Me part 2: Familiar Faces

Maria pov:

It has been 2weeks since my encounter with August. I know your probably wondering what happend after i told him that i had a boyfriend....


August: what's wrong?

Maria: I have a boyfriend..... and I would appreciate if you just leave. I'll have your pictures sent over to your management. I said while trying not to make direct eye contact

August had lifted his hand up like he was surrendering and walked out I stood there shocked of the actions that just happened but I never felt so good....

Maria pov:
So that's what happened, he respected my wishes and left even though I wanted him to stay it's been weeks and he was still on my mind, don't get me wrong I love my boyfriend we was high school sweethearts, but he's always gone traveling, he loved photography to but we were into different types he liked to take photos of rare animals when I loved taking photos of rare beauty so he would be gone for months taking pictures of animals.

I stood there in front of the camera watching as my new client made different poses and couldn't wait to get home she finally was done and as I was packing to leave I got a text on my phone

Lira😍😜😈👭👯: you better be ready for the club tonight

Me: I'm still at work I probably won't feel like it afterwards

Lira😍😜😈👭👯: Better be trick.. Love you.. See you later

I looked at my phone and giggled why I had to be a trick? maybe going to the club would take my mind off August
I went home to find something to wear I found the perfect dress to wear I walked over to the bathroom and hopped in the shower then after I began doing my makeup and curling my hair I finally was done putting my blue dress on and my nude red bottoms as lira came in letting me know she was ready to go.
we got into lira car and arrived at the club
We went inside and to the bar as lira ordered drinks I scanned the club and my eyes seemed to be glued onto the v.i.p. section where I seen August with his entourage we made direct eye contact I was so caught up that I didn't realize lira was handing me a drink I took the drink and turned around as I downed my drink I realized lira had downed 3 while heading to the dance floor,
I really wasn't a party person so i headed to the bathroom to check my makeup.
I walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror fixing my hair when I hear the bathroom door shut I turned an in shock it was....
August: wassup ma, you looking good

I looked up and met eye to eye with him

He walked over to me real close making me bag back into the wall while he put his hands above my head hovering over me

August: so you not gone talk? I know you missed me. yo boyfriend musta told you not to talk to me huh?

Maria: actually he didn't i just don't want to.I said being snappy

He chuckled and lifted my face and kissed me roughly, half of me loved it that's why I gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck and the rest of me was thinking about my boyfriend I pushed him off me

August: I'm in the Hampton's hotel my room number is 134 3rd floor he said whispering in my ear

Then he just walked out as I walked out after I found lira and told her to "take me home now"she got her keys out as we headed to the car and to take me home

I got home and laid on my bed I was wet from just a kiss "dammit August you sexy fucker" I got into the shower and oiled my body up while putting on my lime green thong with the matching bra my makeup and hair was still done I paced across the room thinking about the horrible decision I was about to make I finally placed my trench coat on along with my heels grabbing my keys heading to the hotel

I finally arrived and walked in getting on the elevator heading up to the third floor an finding 134. I stood in front of the door thinking If I should do this or not until the door just opened and there stood August in nothing but some Calvin Klein boxers

August: what took you so long? He said with lust in his eyes

He moved to the side to let me in as I stood there watching him close an lock the door as soon as he turned around I pushed him against the door and started biting his bottom lip he untied my coat and watched as it fell to the floor he picked me up as i wrapped my legs around him while being carried to his bed

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