Background info:
My name is Maria i'm a famous photographer. I've been doing this for quite a while now ,I love my job letting my imagination go to work
every since I was a little girl I was always shy and quiet but all I wanted to do was photograph things and now this is something I do for a living and I really can say I'm blessed. I meet a lot of people and go different places and I love capturing every moment.

But today I have an new client.
I'm working with an artist named August alsina.
I've never met him before, I've heard of his music and seen him on tv before and honestly I have to say he is very talented and I'm excited to meet him.

I just finished getting ready doing my daily hygiene and oiling my body up and slipping on my black lace thong with my matching bra,
I stood in my closet wondering what should I wear until I found my ripped jeans and white and gold Versace shirt with my pink blazer with my white red bottom sneakers and my hair was in a ponytail down my back. I didn't wear makeup because I really didn't need it I put a little lip gloss on and headed out the door to my photography studio. I got their and waited as my team got everything together.

Finally August and his people had showed and his manager had came up to me

Manager: August does not want anyone on set just you

Maria: um ,okay I'll just ask everyone to leave then

I felt kinda awkward that he wanted to be alone it was making me kinda nervous but soon I snapped out of it and just wanted to get this shoot over with. i asked my team to head out
and I started to set my camera up ready for August to come out of the dressing room.

he finally got finished an came out an my eyes couldn't help but wonder his bare chest I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and went over to introduce myself

Maria: hello I'm Maria I'm the photographer. are you ready to begin shooting?

August: it depends on what type of shooting you talkin bout

I looked up at him as if he was stupid

August: I'm just kiddin, loosen up a bit ma

I slightly laughed and admired that he just called me "ma" I looked down lightly blushing and tried to get rid of the awkwardness.

Maria: so let's get this started i said while looking directly in his brown eyes

I walked over to my camera and looked up to show that I was ready he smirked a little and started to pose as he looked directly at the camera I started to get mesmerized by his beautiful skin, great jawline, nice tattoos, and he was so tall maybe 6'1

August: Maria what pose should I do next?

Maria: well idk your doing so good naturally

August: thanks ya know I'm a photographer to

Maria: really? I said while looking away from the camera

August: I'm the selfie king, if ya ain't know.

I busted out laughing this dude really is a character

August: what's funny I'm serious you should let me try, I could do this

Maria: you really think you can be a photographer?

August: yea , let me try and you be the model

Maria: no, are you serious?

August: yea just let me take one picture of you and see if you like it

Me and August traded spots and I was so surprised this was really happening

Maria: so what am I supposed to do mr photographer? I said playfully

August: alright let me help you real quick ma

He walked over to me and and pulled my hair from my ponytail which made my long black hair fall down

August: your so beautiful you know dat?

I looked down nervously. I was blushing so hard my cheeks were red until August lifted my chin up and held my face in his hands

August: why you so shy?

Maria: i don't know, I'm just nervous

August: I make you nervous. I think that's cute u all innocent but you know what they say?

Maria: what? I said looking into his eyes

August: the innocent ones are always freaks. but can I tell you sumn

Maria: what's that?

August: I wanna fuck you right chea right na

I started breathing Heavy because thats exactly what I wanted him to
Do was fuck me right here. But I can't let temptation rule me for God sake Maria you don't even know him and before I could finish my thoughts August had grabbed me by my waist and kissed me so passionate that my knees got weak the kiss got heated as he grabbed my ass roughly while kissing on my neck

Maria: aug...August I can't do this

But August didn't stop he just kept kissing my neck while putting his hands in my pants rubbing me through my underwear I know he could feel how wet I was

Maria: Mhh August stop

He still kept going until he tried sliding one finger in but I gripped his wrist

Maria: August please

August Finally stopped and looked into my eyes

August: what's wrong?

Maria: I have a boyfriend!!!!!

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