Your name will be Nicki

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My boyfriend August have been on tour for almost a year now and I missed him so much i get lonely without him here.
I wish he could come home so I can tell him how much I've missed him and so I can make love to him.... Ugh just thinking about him touching my body makes me so wet, just imagine not having sex for almost a year I need it badly but I can wait for my man.

I got into the shower and let the steamy hot water flow down my body, my mind wondered back to August and I couldn't help but touch myself I imagined him in the shower with me pushing me up against the wall pounding inside of me..... my thoughts quickly got interrupted by hearing someone opening the front door I quickly got out the shower and wrapped my towel around me.
I walked down the steps to see August standing there with his bags in his hands I blinked a couple times to see if I was hallucinating

I hurried and ran over to him hugging and kissing all over him

Nicki: daddy I've missed you so much what are you doing here? you know what it don't matter . I'm horny

I grabbed his hand leading him to our room and sat on the bed as I admired him taking off his clothes

August: I'm a go take a Showa real quick hol' up

I sat on the bed waiting impatiently ugh.. he need to hurry the hell up and as soon as I said that August came from the bathroom holding himself in his hand while water dropped down his body. I bit my lip because Damn my man is sexy

August: play wit chu self

Nicki: what?

August: i wanna see ya play wit chu self

I slowly opened my towel up and began fingering myself as if it was August "ohh August I'm so wet" I looked up to see him watching my every move until finally he just pulled me to the end of the bed and started slowly flicking his tongue up and down my clit licking every spot/inch he could until he just stopped and laid on the bed

August: Nicki I want chu to ride my face

Nicki: huh? August no

August: stop playin, and common I'm tired of waiting

I hesitated at first then just sat on his face as he swirled his tongue all around my clit as I grinded in the same rhythm
I felt myself about to climax with tears streaming down my face

Nicki: August I can't take no more

August had flipped us over and was now on top he kissed my neck and layed on my chest, I loved when he did that but he never did it during sex

Nicki: um August? August are you sleep?

I looked down to see him fast asleep on my chest like a little baby

Nicki: August what the hell?

How could his skinny light skin ass just fall asleep. and I'm horny ass hell 😑😒

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