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Name that will be used: Yaris

Yaris p.o.v
I started putting clothes in the bag as I bursted into laughter while I was on the phone with my best friend jasmine

Jasmine: I'm telling you I think me and Marcus could be something what you think?

Yaris: I don't know jas Marcus is kinda somewhat.. How do I put this..stupid as hell

Jasmine: you kinda somewhat right, she said while chuckling

Yaris: you think? He asked me why Kevin gates don't get tired? Like nigga how the hell am I supposed to know

Jasmine: Haha what ever just bring your ass over here an bring some snacks to

Yaris: y'all ain't Neva got no snacks y'all slacking

Jasmine: I know, I know but see you soon bae

I hung up the phone as i finished packing and going down stairs to pack some snacks I threw some chips,candy, and cookies alot of other stuff and went back upstairs to finish getting ready I let my bouncy curls be free and added a little makeup and fixed my floral maxi dress and channel sandals grabbed my glasses and bags and headed out the door.

I got out the car and headed to jasmine front door when her brother August opened it,
an let me tell y'all if that wasn't my best friend brother I would be all on that I mean he could have any girl he wanted he was tall , light skin, tatted up, dressed nice and had an accent that could make your panties wet and did I mention those soft juicy lips. He stood there wearing a jean jacket with no shirt and some jeans and some all red custom Jordan's. I snapped out my thoughts as I heard him yell to Jasmine

August: aye ugly yo friend here,

Jasmine: stut up and tell her here I come she said yelling from upstairs

August: here her ugly ass come Yaris
How you been doin? He said while stepping to the side letting me in

He noticed me looking him up and down And smirked I blushed walking over to the kitchen to set the snacks down

Yaris: I've been good, how about you? I said while smiling from ear to ear

Jasmine: his big head ass fine I'm the one who's important she said walking down the steps into the kitchen with me

August: shut the fuck up fat forehead ass anyways I'm finna leave he said while getting up heading to the door

Jasmine: wait before you leave I gotta tell you something

August: what man?

Jasmine: who the fuck you think you is with that jacket and no fucking shirt ugh light skin niggas

August: I'm August an all the bitches love me he said while rubbing up an down his chest while walking out the door

I chuckled and lowkey fantasied that I was rubbing up and down his chest

Jasmine: I bought a whole bunch of old movies and I just thought it could be like when we was younger in our pajamas eating popcorn and shit

Yaris: I do kinda miss the old days where did the time go? I mean we 19 now we're basically adults. Im not ready

See me and Jasmine was friends since we was little we practically lived together you couldn't separate us but August didn't live with them when he was younger he lived in New Orleans with their older brother Mel but he moved once Mel died to try and make a better life for himself so he didn't know me like she did he was 21 years old and damn he was so fine why would he want me and plus I'm his little sister friend

Jasmine: Yaris go change into yo pajamas so we can get this sleep over started she said while doing a little dance

I went upstairs and changed into my night gown that came mid thigh with hello kitty on it with the matching slippers and walked downstairs

Yaris: I'm ready bishhhh

Jasmine: OMG your butts so big you just have the perfect shape can we trade

I chuckled and sat on the couch waiting for the movie to start while eating some cookies and leaning my head on jasmine shoulder.
after like 5 movies and 3 bags of chips it was like 3:00 in the morning and jasmine was knocked out on the couch me being here so much I just went into the guest room where I usually be in an laid in bed playing on my phone not sleepy at all, I walked downstairs to get something to drink I opened the fridge and bent down to get a bottle of Gatorade as I felt a pair of hands around me I turned around startled and shocked to see August their looking high and tipsy and it turned me on

Yaris: August what are you doing?

August: I'm trying to be doing you

I grabbed his hand and moved them trying to ease away from him but he grabbed my waist tighter and started kissing my neck and grabbing my ass

Yaris: aug... August your sister is in the living room

August: you right let's take this to my room he said while grabbing my hand leading me to his room

He opened the door and threw me on the bed while getting on top of me he ripped my night gown off and trailed his hand up my thighs making me feel a tingling sensation he kissed my neck down to my breast then to my stomach while taking my thong off and pulling he's pants down sliding inside of my wetness not even letting me adjust to his big size

August: damn you so tight baybeh

Yaris: wait, August go slow

He did as told and went slow an the pain turned into pleasure and it felt so good

Yaris: ahh shit Aug....August

August: call me daddy he said while going deeper making slow strokes

Yaris: ahh daddy don't stop

August was doin me so good that I didn't even hear the door opening

Jasmine: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

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