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Y/n Pov

I was laying in bed scrolling through Instagram while my boyfriend August was in the bathroom taking a shower and his phone kept going off, at first I just ignored it but my curiosity took over and I clicked the home button on his iPhone and seen on the screen
texts from this unsaved number saying i miss you" and "daddy I wanna feel you inside me" and I got heated by the second of just thinking about him touching somebody else. I heard the bathroom door open and August walked out. I got off the bed and stood In front of him

So August who is this bitch texting you

Huh? Whatchu talm' bout? Why you got my phone? He said while wrapping the towel around his waist

Don't play stupid nigga who's the bitch texting your phone

First off you gone stop yellin at me. second ain't no bitch texting me so chill

Okay ain't no bitch texting you.


Then unlock ya phone

Ma look ain't no reason for all' lat just take my word for it

Nah fuck you august. you got bitches texting you talking bout I miss you and wanna feel you. owe I knew it. yo ass ain't no good "I hate you" I took his phone and threw against the wall making the screen crack

He pushed me against the wall and pinned my arms above my head

You hate me huh? He said while clenching his jaw

Yep. I fucking hate yo cheating ass

He picked me up and ripped my panties off and started fucking me hard against the wall as my legs wrapped around his waist, my hand gripped onto his shoulder while my nails was in his back He was taking long deep slow strokes while he looked into my eyes with lust as he forcefully kissed me and bite my bottom lip

I cant count how many orgasms i was having right now. he was being so rough but I liked it

"You hate me huh?"

"Aw fuck No.... I mean yes I said while smirking"

He threw me on the bed roughly biting my neck down to my breast sucking my nipples down to my stomach leaving marks until he got down to my clit and lifted my legs holding them up while diving into my wet clit licking every drop

"Mhh ahh Daddy"

I grinded my hips in the same movement as his tongue and pushed his head further so I could feel every inch of his tongue.

"Aw fuck, baby don't stop"

after sticking his middle finger inside my wetness I couldn't take no more of this pleasure

We changed positions I was on top he was on bottom but I felt like i didn't have the strength to do anything I pressed my hands against his chest and began to slowly ride him while looking directly into his eyes while he gripped my ass

"Oh shit daddy I'm bout to cum"

"Hold that shit in, I want that ass bent ova"

my ass was straight in the air as he pounded in and out of me, i griped the headboard trying to move away from his deep strokes

Y/n where the fuck you going?? Bring yo ass back here

He grunted as I felt myself reaching my climax I put my hand on his chest trying to push him back but he gripped my hand roughly an pended it down

"Wait... wait I gotta pee aug. august"

"Hold that shit in"

"shit, aww fuckkkkk damn" I said while squirting everywhere

"Damn that's so fucking sexy, you still hate daddy huh?"

"No daddy" I said while out of breath

"Gimme kiss then baybeh, and you gone buy me a new phone to"

He moved his face close to mine ready for a kiss until I mushed his head

"im not buying you nothing shouldn't of had bitches texting your phone"

I tried going to the bathroom but I couldn't because my legs were numb and sore "ugh dammit August"

"That's what you get fa talking shit y/n"

BishWhet111 here you go, hope you like it. sorry I took so long 😩

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