Y/n pov
My older brother Jason was downstairs in the living room with his friend while I was upstairs with my bestie Kayla, it was late so her ride came, i walked
Her downstairs to the front door and as I waved bye to her and her mom i could feel someone staring at me It was August my brother sexy best friend an did I mention he was sexy he has an caramel skin complexion and a strong jawline ,perfect teeth, nice tattoos that covered his whole body and he was super tall just thinking about him made me a little woo hoo but I had to keep my composure he was my brother friend and he was like 20 and I was 18.

I walked back upstairs to my room and tried to take my mind off him but I just couldn't my hands started to wander and before I knew I had my hand in my underwear rubbing circles on my clit i started moaning because I never played with myself before.

"You need some help?"

I looked up to see August standing in my doorway I immediately turned red completely embarrassed because I was caught.
He shut the door And walked over towards me and got on to the bed and positioned himself in between my legs and started kissing on my neck "a... Aug... August i can't, your my brother friend" but he didn't stop he continued and started kissing on my belly then my thighs making me gasp he slowly took off my shorts exposing my wet spot in my underwear August looked up and smirked as I blushed ,he took my underwear off quickly and began to lick up and down making me gasp for air I had never felt like this before "omg August" I screamed he was going so fast that I couldn't take it so I tried to scoot up but he just pulled me back and held my legs down until I finally came all in his mouth he licked everything up and just got up.
"Wh... Where you going?" I asked innocently

August: home

So what do you guys think??! I'm new at these! 😁
Btfo he just got up and left😂😩

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