Chapter 18 - Preview of a Rock Star

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We're all standing together in the afternoon group session on Monday, and I'm itching to play our song. This morning was an instrument-specific session, but now we're with the other Mozarts and being separated into groups to work on our performances. As soon as we're told that we can play, we find our instruments and find a space around Hayden's drums to practice.

Layering in the other instruments to what we practiced on the weekend is brilliant, and the song really does have so much more depth to it with more than just the acoustic guitar.

"I want to add a guitar solo after the second chorus," I tell the guys.

"Of course you do," Gabriel smirks at me.

"Come on, you know it'll be better if I do."

"Probably. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to give you shit for it," he laughs.

We play the song, again, this time after the second chorus, I improvise a solo for the section, and it's not bad, but I don't particularly love it, and I'm frowning when we reach the end of the song.

"It's not right," I say while I pluck out some more notes on my guitar, but it's still not working.

"Try using a minor pentatonic scale, instead," Harrison suggests.

I switch from major to minor, and it definitely sounds better. We run it through a few more times before the solo sounds anywhere near decent.

"I still don't love it," I tell them.

"It already sounds a lot better, though," Harrison assures me.

"Thanks. I'll work on it, I guess. If I can't get it right by Sunday, we'll skip it."

"You'll get it right, I'm sure," Hayden smiles at me.

When the session ends, Tiffany joins us as we make our way out the front of the music building where we find Ashley and Samantha waiting for us. I take Ashley's hand in mine, and we all walk toward the lake.

"How was your session?" Ash asks me.

"Good. The song is definitely better with all the instruments, but I can't get the guitar solo right." I frown in frustration as I remember it.

"I'm sure it's better than you think it is," Ashley smiles at me.

"No. It needs to be perfect, and it's not." I shrug at her.

"It is better than he thinks it is," Harrison turns to tell us this as he's walking ahead of us.

"I knew it," Ashley tells him.

"Yeah, but it's not perfect," I say.

Tiffany laughs, "Who do you think you are? Gabriel?"

"True, I can't expect to be perfect like Gabriel, I guess," I grin at her.

She's walking next to Gabriel, and he smirks at this comment, "Look, I'm just here to give you something to aspire to."

"Well, thanks, I appreciate it."

We've reached an open area under a large, shady tree, and we all sit in a semi-circle as we talk. I notice that Hayden and Samantha are sitting very close to each other and raise an eyebrow at him. He smiles back at me but doesn't say anything.

"But seriously, the solo was pretty good for a single session working on it. Don't be so hard on yourself, Sebastian," Gabriel shrugs his shoulders.

"Call me Seb," I tell him. Then, I concede, "You're right, I guess. It did get a lot better, and I've got all week to get it right since the rest of the song is pretty much done, now."

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