Gentleman! Vincint x Shy! Reader

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Also this ones a lot more uhm idk spicy than usual? Not a lemon but like maybe but ha meaningless deception if you know what I mean

"Hey, can you stop following me?" You asked, turning around to face him. He was standing behind you, watching you. It was a bit intimidating, with his height and size. He shifted his body weight onto his other leg, leaning against the wall. "Aw, but you're so much fun to watch..." He pouted. "Y-you look like a creep." "Maybe that's the point." His hand found its way under your chin, lifting your head to face him. You could feel the blood rushing to your cheeks. Damn your body. "Oh, you're so cute." You stepped back, trying to shake him off you. "Come on~" He wrapped his hands around your body, pulling you closer. "Vincent get off me!" You tried to shove the big purple hooman away.    "Vincint!" "Fine, but expect me to come back later!~" He finally let go, walking away without another word. God damn him...

"These kids always make such a mess..." You mumbled, mopping down the floors. There was tomato sauce everywhere, with cheese all over the tables and benches. At least the animatronics had stayed fairly clean. Those things were such a pain. As soon as any bit of sauce got in their fur they needed to be cleaned out of electronics and hosed down with the power washer. It wouldn't be so much of a big deal if the endoskeletons weren't so...creepy. Their eyes would always be focused on you, no matter how much you moved around. Apparently none of the others experienced anything similar. It made it that much creepier. Vincent had offered to do it with you, but that would probably just make it that much worse.

"Hey." Ugh. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. "What do you want, Vincent." The bastard had the nerve to look offended. "Well, since bonnie got some food on him I was going to offer to clean him, or at least stay with you while you did it." You paused, halfway considering his offer. "Thanks, but I've got it. I'm not that pathetic." He looked at you, somewhat amused. "Well, doll, I'll leave you alone but if I hear screaming I'm coming back." He turned as he spoke, walking away with that strut of his. Like hell he would hear you scream. "Yeah yeah!" As he walked out the door you turned towards the big ass bunny. Time to get to work.

You climbed up onto the stage, careful to avoid the large gap in it. They really needed to get that fixed didn't they? The robots were about a foot taller than you, making them almost terrifying this close. The bunny one in particular was the tallest, if you count the large ears that make up almost 20% of it's height. The colour used to be a beautiful purple, but has since been reduced to an almost ugly perriwinkle. The eyes have lost their bright pink sheen, making it almost look dead. While it was never alive in the first place, it still had life in it. Like a brand new toy that was just waiting to go on an adventure. That toy has since been dragged through the mud, experiencing every horror of the world. You almost felt bad for the poor thing.

You were ripped from your thoughts by a loud scream, almost deafening you. The bonnie animatronic was right in front of your face. You fell backwards, your ears ringing from the noise. You couldn't tell whether you had screamed or not, you couldn't hear anything. The robot took large steps towards you, screaming again. It somehow seemed louder than before, if that was even possible. It's usually bright pink eyes had turned black, with a small white dot in the center. You froze. There was life in those eyes. Those eyes didn't belong to a robot, they belonged to a person. You could see the rage in them. Now that you looked closer, the whole thing seemed a lot more human. When it usually walked, the shoulders wouldn't move but now you could see them swinging side to side. The same way a person walks.

"C'mon, move!" You looked to your side. Vincint was standing there, pulling you by your arms. The panic was very obvious in his eyes. Strange...i couldn't feel any panic. All you felt was awe as you stared back at the animatronic. It had slowed it's death march to stare back. Pity. That's what you felt for that poor human trapped inside. Maybe not a human, but a sentient being nonetheless. VIncint was yelling again, trying to get you inside the office. You finally complied.

"What the hell was that?" You looked up at him. "What do you mean?" "What do you mean? What do I mean? You were just staring at it while it was trying to kill you!" You turned your head towards the side, avoiding his gaze. "Oh no you dont." He grabbed your chin. "Answer me, now." "I-..." His face was inches away from yours. You could feel him breathing. It was a bit intimidating. His hand reeled back, aiming for- SLAM!! His hand was right next to your face, pressing the button to the door. You glanced back at him nervously, fearful that he would hurt you.

"Oh, I would never. I just like giving you a little scare sometimes." You glared at him. "Oh, don't give me that look. You know I'm just teasing." He backed away. "I mean, unless you want..." Freezing, you turned away from him. "I'm kidding. Unless..." You could feel the blood rushing to your cheeks. "Okay seriously I'm done." You sighed. "Why do you do that?" "Cause it's fun." "Asshole." "That's not what you'll be calling me in a few minutes." "Dude!!!" Seriously, did he ever stop?

"Vincint, seriously please stop." You turned to face him. He was leaning on the wall, looking like a dickhead. "Oh fine..." Bang! Bang! Bang!! You yelped out, falling backwards towards Vincent. Bonnie was banging on the glass window, trying to get inside the room. Thank god those were made to hold up. "Jesus doll are you okay?" He had grabbed onto you, trying to keep you sturdy. As much as you'd hate to admit it, you were grateful. Your legs were struggling to carry you, and you were shaking badly. "Yes, I'm fine please get off of me." You tried to lift yourself off of him.

"Nope." He pulled you back down, placing you in his lap."Not till I make sure you're okay." "Ughhhh" His hands started wandering down your arms and legs, checking for bruises or cuts. It was kind of...nice, actually. He was putting slight pressure where he was checking. Not enough to hurt, but enough to be relaxing.You went limp in his arms, lying your head back on him. You were actually starting to fall asleep before he started talking again. "Okay, I think you're good." His hands removed themselves from your body. He wrapped them around you, saying something you couldn't quite hear.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, you're just adorable

Okay yeah so not dead I'm still working on this book but schools a bitch okay

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