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Yall ill get to other chapters later okay im mentally ill what even is a schedule but take these scraps ALSO IM REWRITING EVERY CHAPTER BUT IT TAKES TIME

Fnaf 1

Freddy -

- Definitely goes out of his way to hold the door for you, he's one of those people who'll deadass wait minutes holding a door open making everyone but him uncomfy

- Lowkey if he could he would keep you in a room forever where you could be his and safe but highkey loves you too much to restrict freedom

- Giving Zhongli from genshin vibes but a little more sly yknow and less polite and a little funnier

- Really likes it when you talk about smth you're passionate about or just whenever you get that slight light in your eyes. Lets him know you're feeling alive and happy

- Love language? He'll adapt to whatever yours is but if you were to outright ask him he would probably say quality time.

Bonnie -

- This motherfucker

- This boy is your average shy music guy. He loves loves loves it when you give him any sort of attention, and high golden retriever energy.

- He would also love to keep you forever but instead of like a room itd be more like a hug

- Giving (insert any shy musician person) vibes

- Really enjoys it when you sit down with him and either just listen to his music or help him write a new song. His music means a lot to him and he really appriciates it when you show interest in things he enjoys

- Love language is definitely physical touch. this boy loves cuddles and will constantly ask for them. Specifically loves rubbing your back or playing with your hair while holding you. It reminds him that you're still here and that he isn't dreaming or smth

Chica -

- The definition of cottagecore. Loves sweet things, soft things, ect. Loves loves loves to bake. Especially for her lover. (Does in fact refer to you as her lover)

- She wishes she could keep you safe from everything that could ever hurt you and it makes her very upset to see you hurt

- the most likely to get in a fist fight for you

- giving very soft vibes

- Really enjoys it when you put in the same effort that she does. She will bake, craft, and at least try to do everything she can for you and she loves to see that you're willing to put the same amount of effort into the relationship

- Love language is absolutely acts of service omg. She will stay up for weeks on end pls

Foxy -


- This man thinks hes so sly but in reality you know when he's up to something and if you confront him about it he gets so confrontational and flustered omg.

- ik ive already written fanfic about him but im canonicly making him a bottom, or at the very least a service top.

- Has eaten actual shit on a dare like actual human child feces 5tfcg

- Makes him happy when you show your love at all, although hes an emotionally constipated whore who can't show feelings and it makes him feel vulnerable and he hates it but at the same time he likes feeling loved

- so like hug him and he'll pout and shove his face into your neck where you cant see it or smth.

-Love language is anything he's starved for affection he will eat whatever scraps you throw him

Fnaf 2

Toy Freddie -

- not near as nice as our og freddy, lowkey has his head up his ass and he thinks he's cool and he really isnt like broski accidentally hurting someone aint nice

- Not that much of a jerk when you get to know him he's just a lil desperate yknow

- kinda like foxy but worse at hiding it and more pretentious

- again desperate whore

- brags all the time like all the damn time

- love language is words of affermation like just let him think that you think hes as cool as he does yknow?

Toy Bonnie -

- a cooler cinnamon roll but he got some sly

- he is also more childish to help fit in with the children

- HUUUUGE prankster. Like massive prankster. Although his pranking motto is "Confuse not abuse" so like he wont hurt anyone but he will draw mustaches everywhere and get everyone to pretend they cant see them just to fuck with foxy because foxy scared him a singular time.

- Love language is totally quality time. Help him with his pranks. He's always looking for new chaotic ideas

- be wary though because he will in face make you think you're helping him with pranking someone else but he'll be pranking you

Toy Chica -

- So imagine like regular chica right

- lowkey a sweetheart

- lowkey

- literally hates mangle more than anything else in the world like mangle didn't even do anything its like that one animation from forever ago yknow the one but like mangle is just existing dude

- thats it

- super duper nice to you though. Love language is physical touch. SHe likes knowing that your with her and not getting into trouble.

Mangle -

- Super shy bro

- Like cottagecore but like only the personality and make them more terrifyed of everyone

- Non-binary

- Doesn't actually have a dead kid in them and thats like one of the reasons TC hates her is bc they didn't go through the same shit the others did

- Love language is heavy physical touch. Like will totally lay their head in your lap like a puppy at any given point in time

The originals -

- literally the fucking same they cant percieve that their bodies are wearing down so they just kinda vibe with it and oh theres new ppl cool i suppose

Balloon boy: a child. If I see any smut for him ima slap someone
Marionette: Toriel in disguise but less mature slightly bc child

Fnaf 3


- I'm straying from my old fic chapters

- hes not sexy anymore

- he's litterally a rotting corpse and i realized my mistake

- okay maybe a little sexy we can ignore the rotting corpse

- and an asshole bro

- love laungage? he hasnt heard the phrase

- goes for ppl with heavy daddy issues.

Honestly tho I've never seen a fanfic on the phantoms so fuck them

Fnaf 4

Nightmare Freddy -

- lowkey whats even going on with him

- I never see him anywhere

Nightmare Bonnie: uhm maybe like rly nice but soft cause he knows he scary

Nightmare Chica: loves food gives no shits lowkey kinda terrifying sometimes but we love her anyway

Nightmare Foxy: Super EDGY BAD BOI TM

NightMarienette: Idk your fucking name your not even canon what are you doing here

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