Freddy x Scared Reader

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A/n - The whole week is 7 nights, not five.

It was 2 AM, night 4, and you were terrified. You had both doors closed, and you were starting to cry. You heard foxy running down the hall, and he started to claw at the door, draining your power further. This had taken your tears to full on sobbing, thinking only one thing. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. At around 2:45, your power finally gave out, and you heard some sort of tune. You looked to your left, and you saw two glowing eyes. Two eyes that were far too human to be an animatronic. You backed away towards the other door, staring at them with pure terror in your eyes. The song came to an end, and you curled up, bracing for pain.

It never came. You heard the power come back on and metal footsteps walking away. They had spared you. They had actually spared you. You started laughing out of shock, relieved that you had another day to live. If you could, you'd quit. Simple as that. You would be out of this damn horror house. However, you had signed a contract saying you had to work for at least one week. 7 whole nights of this hell. It was only night four. You had three more to go. They were getting progressively worse. How the hell were you supposed to survive night 7? That night, none of the other animatronics had come to bother you. Why? You were too shocked to ask, and you'd rather just be grateful.

The next night, as soon as you walked in the animatronics turned to face you. You went to leave, backing towards the front doors, but they were locked. Freddy walked off the stage, and you booked it to your office. Foxy ran out of his cove and after you, but you managed to get to the office and shut the door just in time for him to run into it. "Ay, matey, that fucking hurt!" He said. You tried your best not to laugh as you shut the other door. You sat down in your chair, on edge and in shock from what you thought was a near death experience. "Foxy, cut the power." You hear a deep voice command. You froze. They can do that?? In your shock, you weren't thinking as you yelled. "Bitch you better not! I'll rip out your fuckin throat!" After you stopped speaking, the weight of your words settled in. In fear, you reached under the desk and pulled out a pipe you had stored earlier but had been too scared to use. You could hear the fox laughing. Well, ain't that rude... You thought. 

The power shut off, startling you. You yelped, almost dropping your pipe. You felt it get snatched from you. "H-hey!" You exclaimed. You heard heavy footsteps. You stepped back into a corner, starting to cry again. You shut your eyes in pure terror. Footsteps were walking into the office, and you decided throwing a punch was better than dying quietly. You felt your fist collide with flesh, which felt like someone's face. You hear someone fall back, as hey probably weren't expecting the punch."Ow..." You hear the deep voice from earlier mumble. "S-stay away from me!" You yelled, preparing for another punch. You felt someone grab your fists and pull them away from you and towards whoever it was. "Now now, there's no need for violence. I just wanted to say hello." The obviously male voice said slyly. You kicked at whoever it was, and you managed to hit him in the balls. He yelled out in pain and you ran. You saw the stage lights on and all the animatronics were nowhere to be found. You couldn't focus on that, though. 

You saw a stack of boxes and climbed up on them, working your way to the ceiling. (Imagine it's like schools with their styrofoam ceiling tiles you can just lift up) You heard people running behind you. You worked your way into the ceiling. "God dammit, Foxy. You let them get into the ceiling." "Well if ye hadn't been a pussy the lass/lad might not have had the chance to run!" You heard the argument take place, while sitting on a pipe that was thick enough to hold your weight. Or so you thought. While you could hear the argument getting physical, you heard a creak from the pipe under you. Oh hell no.. you thought as you tried to get off of it. The force of you standing on it finally pushed it to it's limit. You heard a snap, and you felt yourself falling. You remember the impact of hitting the floor, and both voices exclaiming in surprise. Then all you saw was darkness. 

You woke up in someone's arms. You didn't know who was holding you, however. You started struggling and trying to attack the person, but they simply held you tighter. "Don't waste your energy, you had a pretty big fall back there." It was the deep voice from earlier! You opened your eyes and looked up to see a humanoid version of Freddy. "Good morning, Dear. Are you feeling better?" You turned and kicked him in the face, making him drop you. "Jesus Christ, Dear. What is with you and harming me?" He asked. "Who are you and why the hell were you holding me?!" You asked back. "I think you know who I am, and I was holding you because you managed to fall from the sky like the angel you are." He said. You backed away slowly, praying for it to reach 6 AM. You heard the sacred bell ring. When you turned back to Freddy, he was gone, back in his original position on the stage. 

You came back the next day, still scared, but this time far more prepared. You had brought your sword. It was a 16th century style spanish conquistador sword. Obviously it wasn't that old, but it certainly looked like it was. It was also sharp enough to cut straight through steel. You walked into your office, and the night started. You checked your cameras, and everyone was gone. That fast? What the fuck?!  You thought, grabbing your sword. "That's quite a fancy sword for someone who doesn't have the knowledge or experience to use it." You heard from the left doorway. You turned and say Freddy, in his human form. "It's a better weapon than a pipe." You replied. After your shift last night, you realized that you shouldn't be letting them know you were scared. "It can be, but with your experience, you'd be better off using the pipe." He said. "Well I brought a sword, so fuck off." Acting confident had made you more so, and you suddenly believed you stood a chance.

Freddy POV

God, all I could think about was that dirty mouth of hers. The way she held that sword. The way she was acting confident. Everything. It was all driving me insane. All i wanted was to kiss her and take her up against the wall. I was trying so hard to be polite and gentle, as to not scare her, but the more I'm around her the harder it's getting. " fuck off." Jesus Christ, those words were enough to turn me on, but i won't force her into anything. Except maybe just a kiss...

Your POV

Right after you said that, you got shoved into a wall. "F-Freddy! Let me go!" You said "I-" you were cut off by warm lips kissing yours. Freddy had pulled you into a passionate kiss. He licked and nipped at your lower lip, asking for entrance, which you denied. He growled, like some sort of an animal, slightly startling you. You gasped, and he took advantage of it. He shoved his tongue into your mouth, exploring every inch of your cavern. You whimpered, enjoying this but also wanting it to be over. You were terrified. You were simply waiting for him to kill you. The sword. You remembered. As soon as you thought of it, he snatched it out of your hands. He broke the kiss, stepping away slightly and resting his head on yours. "Please don't push me away. I know your scared. You shouldn't have to be afraid of us. I want to help you. I want you to survive. Please, don't push me away. Please." He said, his words making their way into your heart. 

You started crying, for reasons unknown to you. You hugged him tightly not wanting to let go. He simply hugged you back and stroked your hair softly, calming you down. You slowly started to calm down, but you were exhausted. You fell asleep in his arms. You woke up to find him cuddling you. You tried to speak, but he quickly shushed you. "Either cuddle with me or you go back to sleep." He said. You laid back down, enjoying the soft warmth of being held. Soon enough, you fell into a deep and blissful sleep.

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