Toy Bonnie x Reader

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Okay, this is weird. You checked the cameras over and over again, wondering. Where could they have gone? They weren't on the stage where they were supposed to be. They weren't anywhere on the cameras either. Every single one of those walking metal giants, gone. The ones in the storeroom were gone, too. That's unsettling... The hallways and the vents were empty. Where are they?

They couldn't have gotten far. You sat down in your shitty office chair, the anxiety rising every second. You remembered your job at the original Freddy Fazbear's and if you had to work a job like that one more time. As if reading your thoughts, you could see the original Bonnie down the hallway. He hadn't been there before, but it looked like he could've been there for years. God, he's in such terrible shape. It was kind of sad. Of course, this is the same bunny that tried to kill you, so there wasn't too much pity.

Bonnie seemed to want to stay in the hallway, so he should be bugging you that much. You checked both vents, searching for anyone else. It was just you and Bonnie. You raised your gaze, checking if he was still there. He was not. Wait, where did he go? He wasn't standing in the doorway anymore, which would generally be a good thing if it weren't for the fact that that usually meant you were dying. Your eyes were scanning around, trying to catch sight of him. You were starting to panic.

You stood up, walking over too a switch behind you. During your orientation, Scott told you that if your life were ever at risk, you could pull it. For the moment, however, you stood by it. You weren't sure if you were in danger quite yet, but you'd rather be safe than sorry. Not to mention you weren't sure what it did. It could kill you in the process. You turned away from the hallway for a split second, making sure you were close enough to the switch to gab it if necessary.

You screamed, hiding under your desk. The clanging noise was right outside the office. You assumed that meant that bonnie was right outside. You sat down. Why didn't you go towards the switch? You would've been far safer. You could hear the blue animatronic trying to find you, its deep voice glitching out with a slight accent. (Same as the vid above, if you can't see it its the bonnie interview (normal Bonnie, not the nightmare one))

"W-whe-ere ar-re y-y-youuu??? I kn-now your-r-r-r-r-r-r-e her-e." He walked around the office a bit, trying to spot you from where he stood. You could see his feet from your spot. They were almost double the size of your hands, with large metal claws. With a closer look, oil stains ran down the metal as if it had leaked from somewhere else on his body. The thought of the old animatronics just sitting there, rusting, popped into your head. You didn't feel bad for them, but you wouldn't do it to them again.

"t-t-t-therrrre you ar-re." Bonnie had moved around to the back of the desk, where he could easily see you. Not like there was much of a disguise. You tried to back away, pressing yourself against the front of the desk. There was nowhere to hide. Bonnie took a step towards you, screaming, "Bonnie, wait!" The large machine paused, turning towards the door. "What? I have them right here. We can kill them." They responded. "Yea, but look at them! They can't be any older than 19! You might as well be killing a child!"

Bonnie turned his body to face the door, getting invested in the conversation. "So what if it's a child? Why do you care?" "Cause that means you'll be like Afton. A child murderer." Bonnie froze. "Fine." He glared at you once more before walking away. After he got a significant distance away from you, you heard other footsteps. It sounded like a smaller animatronic, but not by much. Or it could just be heavy for its size.

"Are you okay?" There was a small plastic face in front of you, colored a baby blue. It looked a bit like Bonnie, but more childish. "Uh, yeah...I'm fine." He backed up, giving you space to get up. "That's good. I don't think Bonnie will attack you anymore, but I can't say much about the others. " He reached out his hand. "Here." "Oh, uh, thanks..." You took his hand, using it for stability as you stood up.

He proceeded to drag you out of the office. You were behind him, tripping over your feet. "H-hey! Where are we going?" He didn't respond for a moment, focused on the destination. "I'm taking you to the back room where you'll be safer." "Oh." You caught up, now walking beside him. He was slightly taller than you, maybe by three or four inches. Or, the top of his head was. His ears reached up to about a foot above his head.

"Why are you doing that?" You shook your head slightly in surprise, confused. "What?" "You're staring at me. Why?" Your shoulders tense, and you looked down. "O-oh. I didn't mean to..." He took your hand, speeding up a bit. "It's fine! Come on!" You smiled slightly, following.

You and Toy Bonnie would spend almost every night together, doing random things. One night, you stole foxy's hook and hid in the prize counter while he stormed around, looking for you. Another, you both paid a visit to Marionette, and Toy Bonnie convinced her you weren't worth killing. On that note, you visit her a lot. She's nice.

Tonight, however, you wanted to talk to Toy Bonnie. He's been ignoring you recently, and you wanted to ask him about it. It's not like you guys just drifted apart. Every time you would try to talk to him about anything, he would say he was busy and talk to Toy Chica and Toy Freddy. Every time. You were starting to get a little worried. What if he didn't like you anymore? What if he was using you? You decided to try and find him so you could talk to him.

"Bonnie, we have to." What? You were standing in the party rooms. You could hear toy Freddy through the vents. "Eventually, the company will notice. What will they think about our programming if we stop killing people?" You froze. "But Freddy, what if we just hide her or something and make it look like we killed them?" Were they talking about you? Were they planning on killing you?

Toy Chica spoke up. "Bonnie, how do we fake a murder if there's no body?" He sighed. There was no way he was planning on killing you, was there? There was no way your best friend, who saved you from death multiple times. The person who was your reason to smile every day? You sat down on the floor. What if he planned this from the start? Did he know you were listening? "Fine. We'll do it tomorrow." Oh god. Oh no.

He couldn't be serious. You had to get out of there as soon as possible. You got up, wobbling a bit, before sprinting off to the exit doors. You didn't want to die yet. "Wait, Y/N?" "Catch them! If we let them escape, they won't come back!" You could hear the echo of their footsteps. When you reached the exit, you pulled out the key you had in case of emergencies. You fumbled with the keychain, almost dropping it a couple of times.

It wouldn't fit. "It only unlocks from the outside." You spun around. "Once you shut those doors, you're stuck until 6 AM." Toy Bonnie was standing there, blocking any other hope of escaping. "Please, Y/N, don't make this any harder than it has to be. I don't want to hurt you, but I have to." He took a step towards you. You backed away. "No, you don't! Please, just let me leave..."

He took another step towards you. At this point, there was nowhere to run. His face softened, and he stood still. "Please, Y/N, just come with me. It doesn't hurt that much, and it's over before you know it." he took another step closer. At this point, you were in hysterics. Sliding down, you covered your mouth. You didn't want to die yet.

Bonnie stepped closer again, kneeling to your level. You flinched away from him. You didn't want him near you. His hands wrapped around your body, dragging you into a warm embrace. You started sobbing, resting your head on his shoulder. It couldn't be happening. What happened to the Toy Bonnie you knew and loved? He ran his hand up your back, resting it on your neck. You tensed up. "Y/N, I'm sorry..." the pain was blinding, but you couldn't scream.

You couldn't make a sound.

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