Nightmare x Reader

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You were running from door to door, flashing your lights down the halls. You didn't even have time to think, you could only react. You shut the door on bonnie, hearing him breathe net to it. "Come one...let me in~" You didn't say anything, and he walked off. You didn't know whether they wanted to kill you, but you kept them the hell out. To you, this was life or death. You ran over to where you know chica was and you slammed the door shut, cracking it. You didn't even stop to see if there was breathing. As soon as you heard the footsteps walking away, you went to the closet. Foxy wasn't there. What? Where the hell is he? If he wasn't in the closet, he had to be somewhere. You looked towards the bed, but there were no freddles there either. Is the night over? You looked at the clock, it was just barely past 4. You checked the left door, and there it was. A massive, terrifying black bear. Out of instinct, you shut the door. The footsteps ran to the other door. You ran to the other side and started laughing to yourself. The bear was there, and looking confused. You started talking to it. "I don't know what the fuck you are, I don't know what the fuck you want, but I'm not dealing with you. Fuck you!" You went and got in bed, trying to sleep. You heard him stip-steppin into the room, and you braced yourself for the pain you knew was coming. "Are you just going to lay there and cower?" You heard a deep voice say. You froze. You didn't know how to react. 

You slowly turn around, not expecting what to see. It was a man, dressed in all black with a yellow bow tie and top hat. He looked very fancy, and it was bugging you. The confusion must've been obvious, because he started to explain. "I'm the big bla-" He paused for a second. "I'm nightmare. Pleasure to meet you, child." You didn't know what to say. There was no way this was real. There was no fucking way. "I assure you, I'm very real." He grabbed your shoulder, and got up in your face. By this point in time you had sat up, and his face was inches from yours. He turned away and looked towards the clock. "Well, looks like it's almost 6. I'll see you tomorrow night, okay dear?" He stroked your face and walked off into the hallway. What the fuck just happened?? You sat there, collecting your thoughts as the 6 AM bell rang. Why did he pause right before he finished the word black? He did have a similar color scheme to the hellish nightmare of a bear you saw earlier. You decided not to think about it for now, and get some sleep for once.

You woke up, sunlight creeping in through the hallway door. You sat up and stretched, looking towards the clock. 11:25. You got up, walking slowly towards your closet. You opened it, looking for a change of clothes. As soon as the door opened, you felt yourself get pushed to the floor. It was mangle. You started to panic, looking towards the clock again. 11:27. You mustered all the courage you possible could. "You do r-realize what time it is, right..?" Mangle got off you, turning towards the clock. She looked back at you. "Oops, sorry!" She ran off into the hallway. The fuck? You were so confused. Everything seemed like it was happening at once, at you couldn't really wrap your mind around it. You get off the floor and got dressed, walking out into the living room. You sat down on the couch, and watched some TV to calm your mind. 

It was around 11PM, and you were sitting on the couch. You were watching your favorite show, and you could easily say you were fairly relaxed. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. No one's supposed to be coming over, who's that? You opened the door, and there was a man there. He had a stocky build, and he was fairly attractive. "Why, hello sir. What can i-" You stopped speaking. He had pulled out a gun! "Back up into the house, your hands in the air." You did as he said. "tell me where the valuables are." You didn't know what he was talking about, you don't keep money at home. "Come on! Hurry up!!" "S-sir, I don't-" There was a gunshot by your head. "Come on! I don't have all day!" You tried to move, but you were too scared. All you could think about is not getting shot. "Okay, let's do it the hard way." He pointed the gun at your calf, and shot.

You fell to the ground, crying out in pain. You clutched your calf tightly, trying not to cry. The man started going through your things, apparently he thought you owned something of significant value? He went through your stuff for a while,  holding a cloth on your leg. Then you heard it. The clock-the clock hit midnight! "It's midnight already? C'mon, bitch, where've you hidden it?" You tried to tell him you didn't know what he was talking about, but he turned and pointed the gun at you. Your leg was bleeding, there was blood all over the floor, and there was a gun pointed at your head. There were heavy footsteps coming from the hallway, and you immediately knew who it was. "Who is that?" When you didn't answer him, he hit you across the head with the gun. You cried out again and fell to the floor. trying to make yourself seem even smaller. The footsteps got closer, and he pointed the gun towards the hallway. "Doesn't matter. I'll kill them too." By this point in time you're starting to pass out. What the man wasn't expecting was a big black nightmare bear to come out. It took one look at you before attacking the guy, and you passed out.

You woke up in your bed, with a bandage on your leg, and someone you had to thank.

A/N - this is really rushed, so sorry if it sucks

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