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Okay so about my Fredbear x investigator child
So I've lost all motivation for that

I'm sorry?

Again and again, you couldn't handle it. Again they jumped at you. Again they did nothing. Again they terrified you, just for laughs. It was such a cruel thing to do. To make someone think you're going to kill them only to run away giggling. You hated scary things, jumpscares in particular. Nightmares do that to you, I guess. Even before, you never really were a person for such things. Adrenaline made you feel jumpy, and panicky. As if you didn't have enough anxiety in your life. It was only the third night. Three nights in, and you're already thinking about quitting. If you could, you would. You signed a lease. Damn thing.
Well it was 4 am, so you didn't have much longer and there seemed to be no threats. It was a little weird that they hired a night guard when there was nothing to actually guard, but you decided not to think about it. After all, why worry yourself when you could take a nap? I mean, what's the worst that could happen? You leaned down towards your desk, resting your head on your arms. Yeah, one quick nap couldn't hurt.
You were woken up by the bell ringing. Oh yeah, you were still at work. You were sleeping. so that happened. Well anyways, it was time to go home. You gathered your stuff, putting it all in the duffel bag. Backpacks were overrated. Oh wait. There were no nightmares! Usually you'd wake up screaming with some horrible image burned in your head. Most of the time it was someone you loved who had been killed, than the killer coming after you.
But not this time Satan! You happily walked out the door. Jesus, it was cold. I mean yeah it was 6 AM in October but still, it shouldn't feel like your actually freezing. You just hoped you could get to your car before your limbs were solid.
You got in, immediately turning on the heat. You had a 30 minute drive home, no way you would survive without it. Sticking your hand in front of the vent, you waited patiently for the air to warm up. You were hit with a blast of ice cold air. Oh fuck, that's the air conditioner!! God fucking-! You turned the heat on, correctly this time, before driving out of the parking lot. You didn't want to stay at the awful building any longer than you needed to.
If only you hadn't fallen asleep. You were a good twenty minutes late, and Jason was bound to be worried. At least, that's what you hoped. There were days when it seemed like he didn't care at all, but you knew he loved you. Every night he always whispered it to you before you slept and no matter what he had done, from breaking dishes to threatening to hit you, you know he didn't mean it. You know he cares. Why else would be stay with you? You decided to push the thought away as you drove up to your home. The first thing you saw was your boyfriend running up to you. He looks like he's in a rush. What happened? You stepped out of your car, swaying slightly. "Jason is everyth-"
You were met with a slap in the face. God, a hard one to. Your eyes stared at him in disbelief, while your hand went to your cheek. "Where the fuck were you? Do you not understand how worried I get?" You let out a breathe you hadn't realized you'd been holding, relieved that it wasn't something serious. "God, doll. If you don't want to be hit you shouldn't do things like that." His arms wrapped around you, pulling you into a comforting embrace. "C'mon. Lets get to bed." You nodded, taking his hand.
You woke up at around 6 pm. Overslept a little, but you still had time to eat and get ready for work. God, why did I have to pick a night shift? Was there a rule against bringing food? Eh, doesn't matter. You're doing it anyway. You stood in the kitchen, preparing (favorite meal). It was calming. The music in your ears, along with the mindless task of cooking you had long since memorized. It was a shame Jason didn't like it when you cooked. Now that you thought about it, he didn't like a lot of things you did...
Whatever. Your (favorite meal) was done, and it was almost time for work. You packed up the meal before walking upstairs to go change into your outfit, and maybe say goodbye to Jason. It had been a while since you two last spoke. Knock, knock. "Jason?" You waited patiently for a response,

But no one came...

Maybe you should just walk in? He wouldn't mind, right? You opened the door slowly, peeking inside. "What do you want??" He sounded so...aggravated. "I-i just wanted to say hello...did I do something wrong?" He didn't respond. "O-okay then..." You left him alone, shutting the door softly. Maybe he just didn't want to talk right now.
You drove into the parking lot of Fazbear's Frights, ready for a new night of horror. Walking up to unlock the door, you...yawned? Guess that 12 hours of sleep must've been pretty shitty. Whatever. You'll just take a nap at work. Not like anything will attack you.


You sat up, blinking widely at the flashing lights. W-where am I? Where am I? As much as you looked around, you couldn't figure out where you were. Oh. Oh, that face. There was a face, and angry image, burned into your mind. He had come at you. Where was he? The suffocating atmosphere did nothing to help the panic. Your eyes darted around, barely seeing anything.
"SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" You stumbled back, screaming. One of the phantoms had jumped at you. Everything felt like it was ten times louder. You fell to the floor, trying to stop the tears. They wouldn't follow your wishes, and only kept flowing down. Everything seemed like it was falling apart. Oh my fucking god...what is that? You could hear loud metal footsteps making their way down the hall, getting closer and closer.
You scooted under the desk, praying that it held any sort of protection. The stippy-steppys were getting closer and the metal clanging of said steppys were so loud. Your eardrums were going to burst, you were sure of it. You could hear scraping. Was the metal monster looking for you? It knelt down. Oh god, oh god, oh god... It was going to find you, for sure. It knelt down further, looking forward. Why hadn't it seen you yet? From its angle, you were in plain sight. It got up temporarily before walking towards the vent and crawling inside. Thank god.
It must've thought you went in the vent. You could hear the footsteps getting quieter, so you decided to retreat from your safety and try to calm down a little. You've survived tonight, and that's what matters.
Stepping out from under the desk, you took some deep breaths. You could see your surroundings more clearly now, and you could start to hear the beeping of the machines. Every so often you could hear the distant metal stomp, but it didn't seem to be getting closer. Guess it lost you. Thank god...
You climbed out from under the desk, scanning your surroundings once more. It seemed...less chaotic. There really wasn't much to say about it. "Are you alright?" Spinning around, you searched for where the sound could've possibly come from. There was no one in the hallway, no one in the door...

The vent!!!

You backed towards the door, keeping your eye on the vent. You couldn't see anything in there. Actually, you couldn't see anything at all. Something was covering your eyes. "Guess who~" The voice was the same one that had asked if you were alright. It was definitely male, and fairly deep. "I-I don't know your, your name...sir" God, why did you always have to stumble over your words?? At least the guy didn't seem to care much, letting out a breath before letting you go. You turned around, wanting to thank him, but he was gone.

"The fuck?"

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