Springtrap x Reader

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You hid under the desk, breathing as quietly as possible. You refused to allow yourself to be found. You've tried too hard to stay alive to throw it all away. Metallic footsteps passed by your hiding place, pausing before walking out of the room. You let out a breathe you didn't realize you were holding. You were safe. For now. You crawled out from under the desk to look for a better spot, maybe one he's check before. As you walked through the hallway, you realized how quiet it was. Kinda creepy, if you were being honest.

Suddenly, there was a hand over your eyes and mouth. Whoever it was pulled you back, and you started screaming. "Get off!! get off of me!!" You were released. You fell to the floor, quickly spinning around to see who it was. Springtrap stood there, a smug look on his face. "What the hell?" You yelled, regaining your composure. He laughed, his deep voice resonating through the building. "I swear to god I'm going to kill you." He stopped laughing and looked you dead in the eye. "Sorry, sweetie, but I'm already dead." You could hear the obvious amusement lacing his voice. You walked off, trying to think of how you could get him back.

It was the next day, and you guys were playing hide and seek again. Whilst looking around, you found the safe room. Oh, there's no way he'll find me here...You crawled in, leaning against the wall. Looking carefully around the room, you saw an old Fredbear suit. You had found the perfect hiding spot.

You say inside the suit, you could hear springtrap calling for you, saying how he's going to find you. Suddenly there was the harsh sound of metal scraping metal. Springtrap's head popped into the safe room. "Are you in here?~" He looked around the room, eyes falling on the metal suit. " oh Y/N~... I know your in here somewhere~" he stood up and checked behind the suit. "Huh. could've sworn I saw-" He paused, looking at the suit. It was shaking with your giggles. As soon as he realized you were inside, he held you still. "Y/N!! Get out of that thing!!" You burst out in laughter before climbing out. As soon as you were safe he got up in your face. "What were you thinking?! You could've died!!" You looked at him, amused by the fact he was actually scared for you. He took one look at the amusement in your eyes before walking closer and slapping you in the face. Hard.

You fell to the floor, clutching your face. He walked over to you and knelt down, grabbing your ankle. "What are you-" he started crushing it in his hands, and you could hear your bones starting to crack. You cried out in pain, begging him to stop. The more you pleaded, the harder he pushed. Until he shattered your bones. You screamed, and he let go. You crawled back towards the wall, fear flooding your eyes. You were crying, yet trying not to make a sound. He walked closer once more, and knelt down again. You flinched away, scared of how else he'll hurt you. "That was nothing compared to the pain of being springlocked." He got up and walked off, leaving you crying and terrified.

Springtrap walked down the halls, thinking about what could've happened. And how he treated you. He wanted to make you scared of the suit, not of him. Now you wouldn't even be able to walk around. The bells hit six, and he could see you stumbling out the door. I'll apologize tomorrow...

Well tomorrow came, and you spent a good your or two sitting in your office, keeping Springtrap away with the lure.  Every time he would get close he would be hit with the blaring noise of some kid's laughter. After a couple of hours of not seeing you, he was getting inpatient. How could you just ignore him like that? Not just ignore, but downright avoid! He crawled into one of the vents, hellbent on getting to you.

You were sitting at your desk, head in your hands. You head was throbbing, and your foot hurt like hell. You decided to put on your headphones and listen to your favorite song, It had been a while since you had listened to it. You had forgotten how much you loved it. You started swaying to the music, singing along. 

Springtrap crawled through the vents quite sneakily, until his foot decided to slip. "Oof!" He fell with a crash. Springtrap completely froze, praying that you hadn't heard him. After a couple minutes, the vent lock was still open, so he figured you hadn't, somehow. As he got closer he heard...singing? He quickened his pace, only to find you. Singing. Your voice wasn't the best, but it was beautiful nonetheless. He slowly crept out of the vent, walking behind you. He put his arms around you and started swaying with you.

You quickly turned around to see who had touched you, but it was just Springtrap. "Oh." You turned back around, not saying a word. Springtrap apparently wasn't having it, because he picked you up and turned you around to face him. He set you down again, and he saw your face flinch in pain. It was only for a moment, a second later you were looking at him with an emotionless stare. Honestly it creeped him out. His girl, who was always laughing and smiling and so emotional, was looking at him like he was a stranger. He stared at your eyes, and he could swear the longer he looked the sadder they got. He blinked, and then he realized.

Your eyes were so sad, and it was obvious you were trying not to cry. He sighed and picked you up, sitting down on the floor. You struggled endlessly, but he wouldn't let go. No matter how much you denied it, he could tell you really needed a hug. After a couple minutes, he felt you stop struggling. He relaxed his arms, thinking you had finally calmed down. Then you lept out of his arms and onto the floor, picking yourself up before stumbling out of the room. It was obvious you were trying to get away from him.

He got up, chasing after you. He turned the corner to find you had disappeared. For having a broken ankle, you sure were quick. He walked around, before hearing a loud thump near the office. He walked to the hallway where you had disappeared, looking around. there was a vent on the floor. You must've seen him walk by. He leaned down to see inside, and there you were. Crying. Your hands were holding your bleeding foot. 

As soon as you had crawled into the vent, he had come walking by. You sat still, not making a single sound, before he walked off again. You were terrified of getting hurt again, so as soon as he was gone you tried to walk through the vents. As soon as you tried to stand up you felt a massive pain in your ankle, and fell down again. You started panicking, realizing he probably heard the sound. You lied your head down against the wall, crying in pain. You heard him walk beside the vent, but you didn't bother to look up.

Springtrap reached into the vent and picked you up, carrying you bridal style. You decided you were comfy and you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. You felt him walking, but you had no idea where he was going. Not that you cared. All that mattered at the moment was sleep and cuddles. He sat down somewhere, wrapping his arms around you once more. You leaned into him, letting the tears fall. He lifted his hands, rubbing circles on your back. You melted into him, falling asleep. "Y/N, you know I'm sorry, right?" You nodded, snuggling into his chest. You two just sat there for a while, cuddling. 

After a couple hours, it was time to go. As you got up, you were suddenly pulled back down. You gave Springtrap a questioning look. "No one's here during the day. Stay with me. You nodded, falling asleep in his arms.

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