Foxy x Sick Reader

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You knew something was wrong. You don't just randomly wake up feeling like shit. You got up, shaking walking towards your closet to grab your outfit. You worked at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, a magical place for grown-ups and children alike! Okay so maybe the motto was a bit of bullshit, but hey! You only worked there. You don't question anything. You quickly changed into your uniform, letting out a few very sick-sounding coughs while you were at it. You knew if any of the animatronics heard that, they would immediately tell everyone and that'd be a while other mess. You grabbed a bite to eat, then took your temperature. 99.6. Not too high, but you'd have to keep an eye on it.

You got into your car, putting the keys in the ignition and heading towards the restaurant. (Oml I managed to spell restaurant correctly) You started to worry about your cough, and whether you actually sick or not. On one hand, it could just be something slight, and on the other hand, you could be dying. The thought struck you. Could you be dying? It was highly unlikely, but you never know.

You arrived at the restaurant feeling much worse than you had when you left, but you decided to ignore it for the sake of the others. You unlocked the door, and stepped into the creepy ass place. Everything was completely silent. This never happened. They were always joking around and laughing when you got in. what's different this time? Suddenly, a familiar tune started playing. Oh hell. Oh hell... You booked it towards the office, making sure not to run into any of the animatronics.

You didn't quite know what was happening. This had never happened before, but you knew the time couldn't be good. You reached the office, immediately slamming down both doors. You were gasping, trying desperately to catch your breath through the panic. The more you tried the less you could breath, and you remembered you were sick. Okay, okay. I have to call down. Breath slowly. You were trying to calm down, trying to calm your breathing, but you were starting to panic. I mean, you couldn't breath. You couldn't expect someone to be completely calm in that sort of situation. The more you panicked, the less you could breathe, and the less you could breathe, the more you panicked.

It was a continuous cycle, and it led to you kneeling on the floor, gasping desperately for air. Tears had started to form in your eyes, and all you could focus on was trying, just trying to breathe. Then the power went out. You full out panicked, and couldn't get any air into your poor lungs. The door opened up, and suddenly there was a hand on your back, trying to soothe you. You looked over, and you could make out a red blob, whom you recognized as foxy. "Ay, lass/lad. Just breathe, now. Your heartbeat calmed down, and you were coughing. "You alright, lass/lad? Ye looked like ye couldn't breathe." You nodded , wiping the years from your eyes. "Uhh...yeah I'm fine, I just started to panic. what happened when I walked in?"

Foxy explained that it was just a prank, and that they didn't mean to scare you so much. Freddy came in and apologized, again asking if you were alright. You told him the exact same story. You panicked, that's all. Bonnie burst in the room. "If Y/N's okay, then let's play games!!" He picked you up and ran out of the room, a squeal emerging from your throat. "AY!!" Foxy ran out, chasing him.

You guys spent hours playing games, and during which you ended up coughing multiple times. The others seemed to ignore it, but foxy sent you a concerned glare every time it happened. You guys were playing tag, and you tripped and stumbled. "Y/N!!" You heard someone tell and run over to you. It was foxy, he was leaning over you looking quite concerned. You waved him off, and tried to stand up. Immediately you fell over again.

Foxy picked you up bridal style, walking towards the cove. He set you down, and you tried to insist you were okay. "Y/n, don't lie to me. I can see your not okay." He put his hand on your forehead. "Jeez, matey, your burning up. why didn't you tell me you were sick?" You fumbled around for an answer. "I-I didn't want to worry you guys. Besides, when I left it didn't seem to bad..." He pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms fully around you. "Argh!! Ye have been taken hostage by the great Captain Foxy!! You will stay hostage until further notice, understood?" You nodded, snuggling your head into his shoulder. His hand was rubbing circles on your back, soothing you to get some much needed rest.

You woke up after a while, questioning why there weren't kids everywhere. Oh, it was sunday. Of course. You looked around, realizing you were in Foxy's lap. And Bonnie was in front of you, taking photos. You leaped from where you were sitting and started to chase him down, demanding the photos be deleted. You ran 3 laps around the place before getting tackled yourself. You were flipped over, turning to face Foxy. "Ay, feeling better?" You nodded. "Yes, now can we get Bonnie? He took pics of us sleeping." Foxy considered it for a moment before yelling for Bonnie sternly. " Y-yes? " Foxy paused for a moment, thinking of what to say. "Send those to me, will ye?" Bonnie started laughing, before Foxy was thrown off you, and you let out the most demonic scream known to man.

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