Yandere F.Freddy x Reader

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'A/N - I don't usually write or read Yandere stuff so hang with me here. Also I had to watch a whole playthrough again cause I couldnt remember what nights were what.

Also There was some problems so SECOND PUBLISHING

You crawled through the dark room, staying completely silent. Ballora was just a few feet away, spinning endlessly around you. "I know you're there..." Her voice was only a few feet away. You froze, terrified of her. As soon as she left you hurried on to the service room, praying that there wasn't something worse inside.

You stood up, grasping the door handle. What horrors would you encounter next? The door pushed open with a loud squeak, certainly alerting whatever was in here. Despite that, you decided to try and walk as quiet as possible while walking to the control module. "This is the control panel. You will need to use this to reset the power. If you feel unsafe at any given moment, feel free to disconnect temporarily until it is safe again." Damn, H.A.N.D unit's voice is so loud. Pushing the thought away, you walked up to the module, connecting to it and starting to reset the power. After you finished a room, you took a look around you to see if anything had changed. It didn't look like it...Your eyes darted around quickly, settling on something you hadn't noticed earlier. A massive, bright pink bear. It had what looked like a large puppet on its right hand. It in itself wasn't that bad, but the sheer size of the thing. It was easily big enough to swallow a child. How can they rent these things out to kids? They're death machines!! You decided to keep working, glancing at the bear every two seconds to make sure it didn't move.

It went by fairly smoothly actually. The bar rarely moved, and even when it did it was only a couple feet. It never actually got to close to you. As soon as you had finished the last room, you heard the dreaded thing's voice. "Bon-Bon, Let's say hi to our new friend!" You immediately shut down the tablet, sprinting out of the room and slamming the door behind you. You slid down against it, breathing heavily. Hand over your heart, grabbing your shirt in your hand. "So...someone is in my room..." You froze, and your hand clutched your shirt even tighter. Ballora... You had forgotten about her. You heard stomping metal footsteps growing closer...but there were way too many for a single animatronic. Not at the speed it's progressing at, anyway. Are there more of them?! Your breathing quickened as you tried to silently move to another spot. It was dark, so whatever it was wouldn't be able to see you.

Wherever you moved, it seemed to stop and follow you. Whatever it was, it could obviously see, and it was after you. You decided to do the dumb thing and move away from the vent leading back to your safe space and turn on the flashlight on your phone. As soon as the light hit the floor, you could hear fast-paced skittering coming towards you. You moved your light towards the noise. It was...Ballora. She was doing a sort of back-bend, but her head was upside down. As soon as you looked at her she leaped towards you. You fell down, arm out in front of your face in hopes she wouldn't tear it off.

You heard a metallic band, followed by a loud screech. You opened your eyes, but your light had been extinguished. You couldn't see a thing. You felt yourself get picked up bridal style by...something metal? You tried to see who, or what had saved you but you couldn't get a good look at them. They put you down next to your vent and sheltered you while you crawled inside. As soon as the vent locked behind you, you turned on the stage light, only to see the power room door shutting across the gallery. Could it have been the beast inside that saved you? Had foxy somehow found his way into the room? Was it baby, the one who seemed to protect you from the start? Was it some other entity, one that you didn't know about? found out next time, ooooon sister location central! ((I'm sorry I had to lmao))

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