Fredbear x Investigator Reader (part 1)

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Also now that I'm getting more comfortable with writing im willing to accept lemon requests so HAVE AT THEE ( they might suck tho bear with me)

You were pacing, back and forth and back and forth. How could this be? How could the pieces not fit? Everything made sense in your head, yet for some reason you need more proof. How could you need more proof? Everything links to the murderer being Vincent! Multiple witnesses claim he took children off by themselves and were never seen again. Why is the director ignoring this?

Not to mention, where did he hide the bodies? While there were reports of the robots smelling off, and there were traces of blood inside, there were no signs of the actual body. Where the hell could they be? You turned towards your desk, eyes scanning the blueprints once more. Freddy Fazbear's was always a shady place. What else were they hiding?

You sat down at the desk, hand reaching for your notes. You always made sure to keep a detailed document of everything you found or had seen. You grabbed the large notebook, placing it on your desk. The cover was a bright red, and the notebook itself was about 2 inches thick. You opened the notebook, looking to review everything.

"Are you still working? You should take a break." A hot mug of tea was placed beside you. "I thought we were done with that place." Your hand found its way to the mug handle, pulling it to your mouth. "I'm not going to take a break until we're-" You quickly pulled the cup away from you, slamming on the table. "OW! That's fucking hot!" You went to go grab an ice cube to cool down your burning lips.

"What did you expect? You must be so overworked your common sense is starting to deteriorate." She shut your notebook, putting it away. You should get some sleep. It's almost ten and we have to leave at 6 tomorrow if you want to get into the pizzeria. "Julie, you know damn well I'm not going to-" "Come on!" She took you by the hand, leading you out of the office. "You're the one who wanted me to help you, and this is my way of helping you." You closed your eyes, letting out a small breath. Guess it was time for bed.

Walking into your room, you set an an alarm for 2 am. You had a key to the pizza joint. Somehow they gave it to you and trusted you not to abuse it. Welp. Their mistake. Would Julie be pissed if she found out? Oh abso-fucking-lutely. Not even pissed, but fucking livid.

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. You woke up, turning the alarm off. Why had you set it again? Oh yeah. It was so you could sneak into Freddy Fazbear's! But you were so tired...did you really want to do this? You decided to suck it up and get out of bed. You had went to sleep dressed, so there was no problem there.

How to get out? Your window was an option, but you were on the second story. There was a tree you could jump to as well. The door was easier, but you had to walk past Julie's room. Not to mention she probably locked the door and that thing was a nightmare to deal with.

You opted for the window. Leaning out, you could see a tree branch you could grab on to and hopefully climb your way down. better than the drop. Kicking off the window you reached for the branch. Your fingers wrapped around it tightly securing you in place. Not tightly enough.

Both your hands slipped from the momentum and you started to fall. It took every drop of will you had to not yell out. You were still upright, so if there was a pool you'd be pencil diving. Instead of pool, however, there was another branch. Your feet had landed almost perfectly on it. You thanked whatever God had to be watching over you.

That was far to much of a coincidence, but hey! Take the chance when it arises! You decided not to think about how close you could've been to getting seriously injured and moved on. Climbing down from the tree itself was relatively easy, with only a few slips here or there. Feet touching the ground, you booked it. Time to go visit the Fazbears.

I hate splitting these into parts, but this was just taking so damn long and i wanna post smth  so heeere

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