Glamrock Freddy x Child!Reader

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Also moon is not friendly to children outside of his daycare. (also i have a chapter here full of headcannons for all the characters would yall want to see that?) ALSO FUCK THE MAP FOR THE BUILDING ITS WAY TO BIG IT CAN SUCK MY COCK

The main hall is the hallway where the animatronic rooms are fight me. Also i don't listen to 80s music or whenever the game is placed. They sing rock now ill fight all yall. 

Also one more thing lmao theres like a scene where he helps your injuries i am not a doctor and i did no research if one of you idiots decides to drag me for it istg. 

    Your cries could be heard through the entire main hall as you ran. It was that stupid floating animatronic. It was too big, and too loud, and too fast, and its glowing red eyes were too scary. Its dark color palette blended in quite well with the ceiling, so you couldn't even tell if it was close to you. The only way to notice it was if it got close enough to be noticed, which was quite close. You ducked under a table, crying out, barely dodging an attempt at swooping you up. You could hear its laughter at your cries as it appeared to fly back into the void that was the ceiling. You took that as an opportunity to run. Dashing out, you tried to make it to the table about 20 feet away. Key word, tried. You could almost sense it right behind you. You cried out again, hoping that something would save you.  

     All of a sudden, you could hear and feel nothing but the great clash of metal that had occurred right behind you. It was like two giant cars had rammed into each other at full speed. The moment it had calmed down slightly you could register the high pitched screaming coming from the daycare attendant now being blocked by a large animatronic in front of you. It was a brown color, with bright blue markings that you recognized as Glamrock Freddy. You had never seen him this close before, with him always being on stage as the star of the show. And now he was standing right in front of you, protecting you. Despite your situation, you felt quite special to be able to be so close to something you've loved for so long.

     "Leave them alone, Moon. They're not in your daycare." His voice was...not what you thought it'd be. While he sang. it was brash and loud. The kind of voice meant for the rough songs they'd play. But his regular voice, it was smooth and soft and sounded like warm caramel. The daycare attendant, Apparently named Moon??? , decided that the fight really wasn't worth it and it went away, thank god. Freddy turned around, kneeling down to your level to ask if you were okay. You were kind of frozen, not really knowing how to respond. This giant robot that you looked up to so much just saved you. And was asking if you were okay. And is now picking you up to take you to the first aid station nearby. 

"Hey," You start, trying to find something to say to prevent the awkward silence. "I'm not that hurt. Just from ducking under things trying to get away. It didn't get me." Freddy turns his head down to you, looking much bigger than he was from the angle. "Well, that's still hurt. And that still required medical attention." What kind of stuff did the place have? To you, medical attention was like stitches and no injury on you required that kind of attention. "Wait, what do you mean medical attention? I'm really not that hurt i promise." He just gripped you tighter. "I will decide that after i evaluate you. This is not up for debate."

After about a 5 minute walk through the building, you both finally arrived at the first aid station. Over the walk you had asked (almost begged, even) for him to put you down. He, of course, refused and decided that you could not simply walk on your own. While he was putting you down, he had asked you multiple times if you were okay and yes of course you were it was only a couple of semi-concerning cuts but you could't say that, y'know? So you kept it as a yes and nodded your head in hopes that he would stop asking. He did not.  Eventually you got sick of responding and just kinda sat there, letting him do...well, whatever it was he was doing. He was just kinda staring at you.

"Scan Complete. No major injuries. Scratches on left leg. Cuts and bruises on right arm." His face went back to normal. "Child, did the daycare attendant try to grab you on your right arm?" You paused for a second, thinking about how you should respond. "Yea, but it really wasn't too bad. I managed to wrestle free after a bit." And apparently you should've thought longer about it, because Freddy's face looked even more worried. "Child," You interrupted him. "My name is (Y/N)." He took a moment to process it. "Okay, (Y/N), the daycare attendant is a metal machine designed to grab children who decide to run off. You shouldn't have been able to break out of his grip. Please, let me have a better look at your arm." 

Now, your instinct said no. That adults couldn't be trusted, in any situation. But freddy isn't really an adult, he's a robot. And your arm hurts really badly. "Fine. But don't make it worse." He grabbed your arm, seemingly pleased with your compliance. "Thank you, dear (Y/N), I will do my best to not hurt you." He ran his hand (paw?) up and down your arm, marking the locations of the cuts and bruises first. Then he started applying pressure in some spots. You didn't know what he was checking for, until he hit a certain spot and you didn't know what was happening for a second but you know that you hurt really fucking bad and Freddy's saying something but you can't really hear him.

And then he let go, thank god. You had tears running down your face, and now you could hear Freddy trying to console you. "Okay, that hurt really bad, didn't it? I'm sorry. I promised I wouldn't hurt you, but i think it'll hurt to fix." He apologized again. "But let's take a little break before that, okay?" You nodded. That sounded like a good idea. You wiped your tears and sat there for a moment, while Freddy moved to sit on your right. He moved his hand towards you. You flinched, thinking he was going to grab your arm again, but he didn't. He put his hand on your back, rubbing it softly. Almost every alarm was going off in your head, but you were so tired and it felt so nice. So you leaned into him, letting yourself relish in the comfort. 

All right ending things is hard and im tired this is the best your getting out of me

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