Chapter 16

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“What did she say?” I ask wondering why Effie called.

“She said Caesar wants to see us. She said that he wants to interview us to see how things are going.”

“When? What are we going to do with clothes and stuff? Our stylists are gone.” I say letting a tear fall thinking about Cinna. Peeta opens his arms and I go gladly into them. He pulls me close and I breathe in his comforting cinnamon scent.

“It’ll be okay. We’ll figure something out. Maybe Effie can help us.” He says.

“Yeah. I think she’d like that.” I say.

“We should probably go and tell Haymitch.” Peeta says and I nod in agreement.

 We get our shoes and jackets on hand head outside hand in hand. We get to Haymitch’s house and Peeta opens the door with his free hand and lets me go in first. We walk in and walk around wondering where we’ll find him. We get into his living room and actually see him sober and sitting on his couch. We walk around the couch and Peeta sits on a chair, letting me sit on his lap, and wraps his arms around me. Once we get comfortable Peeta speaks.

“Effie called,” he says. “She says Caesar wants to interview us.”

“I know she told me the other day. She really wants to help in any way that she can.” Haymitch  says.

“We were going to ask her for advice on clothes.” I tell him.

He smiles and nods. “Good.” Is all he says. After a while he speaks again, “How are your nightmares?”  He asks me. I look at Peeta remembering last night.

“They’re getting better. Just a few here and there.” He answers for me.

“Have you guys heard from Johanna lately?” Haymitch asks. And then it happens.

*Sorry its such a short chapter I've been super busy. ilyasm :) 

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