Chapter 34

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Katniss' POV

"Hey!" I shout laughing as Peeta splashes me with ocean water.

We decided to have our honeymoon on the beaches of District 4. Then the last day we will visit and stay with Annie and little Finn.

Peeta laughs as he runs towards me. I start running away but I'm too late before he sweeps me off my feet and spins me around. He falls to the ground getting us both soaked. I try getting up but he pulls me back down on his lap. He pulls me in and kisses me. I kiss him back but he deepens it making it full of passion and hunger. The same feeling I felt on the beach in the Quarter Quell. We pull back for breath but as he leans in I take my hand and splash him in the face before he gets the chance to kiss me again. He squeezes his rus shut and brings his hand up to his face to wipe the water out of his eyes. He opens them again to reveal his blue orbs and he gives me a smirk. I quickly get up and start running nervous if what he'll do to me.

"Get back here you!" He yells with a chuckle. I look back and see he's running after me. The sand slows me down but I got a head start and I'm already much faster than he is. I decide to slow down a little teasing him to think he can catch me. I know where I'm going. I'm going to the pool at the place we are staying at.

I look back again and see he's catching up, a lot. I speed up a little and open the door to the house we're living in. I hear the door close behind me and hear Peeta's heavy footsteps hitting the floor after me. I look back one again and see he's on my tail close enough he could touch me. I shriek and try to run faster but I'm getting too tired. I get to the door that leads to the pool and run through it. I look back again and see Peeta reaching out to get me until I get to the edge of the pool and step aside just in time for him to splash into the pool.

I burst out laughing. I double over and kneel by the pool laughing. I look into the pool but don't se Peeta. He hasn't come up yet. A flashback comes from the Quarter Quell when Peeta was wrestling someone in the water. I thought he did but he made it in time. I start to panic.


I look around the pool frantically. Suddenly I feel hands on my waist and next thing I know I'm in the pool. I get to the surface with hands still on my waist. I thrash in the water until I hear a voice.

"It's okay, its okay. It's me. That was payback." Peeta says with a light laugh. "All I wanted back on the beach was a kiss." He says still laughing and trying to catch his breath. Thankful he's alive I crash my lips onto his. I break away and hug him so tight he has to pry my arms off of him. I look at him and laugh.

"I hate you." I kid laughing. I push him under and he pulls me with him. I swim away from him but he catches me and kisses me underwater. We come up for breath and I hear my stomach rumble. "I'm hungry." I say to Peeta giggling.

"I'm sure you are." He replies resting his hands on my waist and kissing my nose.

"Come on." I say taking his hand and dragging him out of the pool. We walk in the house and after drying off and go to our room. I walk into the bathroom to shower and rid myself of the chlorine from the pool.

I get in and turn on the water, letting it run over my skin. I hear the door open and peek through the shower curtain finding Peeta. I roll my eyes and smile.

"What are you doing Peeta?" I ask knowing the answer already.

"Conserving water." He replies simply and he get in the shower with me. I give a breathy laugh and let him wash my hair as I wash his.

I sniff the air after getting out of the shower and laying on our bed. Peeta told me to stay here because he said he had a surprise. Something smells good. Just then Peeta comes in the room with a tray full of cheese buns.

I gasp, "Thank you, Peeta." I thank lunging forward and grabbing one off of the tray. I sink my teeth into it as the flavor floods over my tongue. "Mmm." I say. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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