Chapter 9

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Peeta's going down to the bakery today to meet with some construction guys about the new bakery plans. He tells me to stay, because he needs to do something afterwards. I don't know what it is but it must be something he doesn't want me to find out.


I go to meet the guys who are going to build my new bakery. I plan to call it The Mellark Family Bakery. I hope Katniss is okay. I told her to stay at home because I have a surprise for her. I'm going to buy her a necklace with the pearl I gave her in the Quarter Quell. Hopefully, she won't notice it's missing. Then I'm going to take her on a nice picnic in the meadow and give it to her then. I can't wait to see the look on her face.

*later that day*

I'm in the jewelry store, and I'm trying to pick out a necklace for Katniss. The lady behind the counter leads me over to a case and tells me that only those necklaces can have something added to them. So I pick one out that has a space for Katniss' pearl, and two small pearls on either side of where Katniss' pearl will go. I tell the lady and she takes the necklace out of the case.

"When is the earliest you can have it done by?" I ask her.

"Anywhere from two to four days." she says with a smile. I give her a nod, then walk back home to my Katniss.


I hear the door open, and run down the stairs. Peeta walks in the door and I jump into his arms.

"Someone's happy to see me." Peeta exclaims. I laugh.

"I've missed you today." I say back to him. He presses his lips against mine and I feel the same spark I felt on the beach. "I love you." I say to him.

"I love you too, Katniss."

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