Chapter 12

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The bakery has been done for a couple days now. Every day Peeta gets asked if there is a job position available and he always says yes. We go to the bakery every morning to make some pastries and bread and other goodies. I help as much as I can but I can't really do much other than taste test everything. One of his new employees comes in a few minutes later and says that we can go home and that he can lock up at the end of the day. So we go home and sit on the couch.

"If we ever get married would you ever want kids, Katniss?"

"No." I reply too quickly. I immediately regret what I said. "I mean not right now. I think we're too young. I'm sorry." I try to fix the situation. The look on his face breaks me. A single tear rolls down my check.

"Why are you crying Katniss?" he asks sympathetically.

"Because you have given me everything I could've asked for and I can't do the same for you." I reply more tears forming in my eyes.

"This is all I've ever wanted Katniss. I've always wanted us to be together. Us being married and having kids would be a bonus. And if you're not ready I respect that. Don't make your decisions based on me. Do what you think is best at that time and place and I will be by your side no matter what." Peeta says. He's always been good with words.

"Oh Peeta. How do you always know what to say?" He smiles pulling me into a warm embrace on his lap.


After a while, Katniss falls quiet and I look down at her. She has fallen a sleep in my lap. I smile at her peaceful features and decide to take her up to bed. I slowly lift her and carry her bridal style to our room. I lay her down in bed on her side and I walk around to mine. I get in beside her careful not to wake her up and slip my arms around her. I kiss Katniss' head before falling asleep beside her.

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