Chapter 33

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7 Months Later

Effie's POV

Everything will be perfect. I know they expect the event to be big and dramatic but it's just as they wanted it. Private, small and in the meadow. Its a beautiful day for a wedding. the sky is cloudless and blue with just a slight breeze. The grass couldn't be greener and the sun isn't too hot. Today will be perfect.

Katniss's POV

I wake up with Peeta wide awake. He knows what today is. As soon as our eyes meet we are both beaming. We've been waiting for this day almost our enitire lives. Our wedding day. Effie comes in with her usual thing saying how it's a big big big day.
"I'll see you soon." He says with a wink. He kisses my forehead before saying, "I love you Katniss's Everdeen." After today my name won't be Katniss Everdeen; it will be Katniss Mellark.


There's no prep team this time; just Effie. I'm glad she will be prepping me for the biggest and the best day of my life. She lets me shower and then she sits me in a chair to do my makeup. I don't talk to her while she does this because she needs "concentration". My makeup is very natural with a little blush, shimery eye shadow, mascara, and a little bit of lip gloss to finish. She does my hair in its normal braid but then she twists the actual braid until it makes a side bun at the nape of my neck. She curls the little pieces around my face that won't fit in my braid or bun. Finally I get to step into my dress. I loved it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Effie zips up the back and ruffles it a little.

When she sees me in the mirror she gasps, "You are the most beautiful bride." She says reminding me of the time before my interview for the 75th Games.

My eyes tear up, "Thank you for everything, Effie." I tell her truly grateful.

"You deserve it." She replies giving me a sad smile and her hand. "Lets go!" She exclaims happily. I take her hand and she leads me to the front door where Haymitch waits to give me away.

"Ready sweetheart?" Haymitch asks as he gives me his arm. I take a deep breath, nervous for the next few moments of my life.

"Yes." I say knowing in my heart I'm more than ready. "I am." I say more confidently, linking my arm in his. Today he is completely sober. Not a trace of alcohol showing. He seems to read my thoughts when he says, "I want to remember today. All of it. For the rest of my life."

"Thank you. For all the advice and help. And for giving me away today." I say with a sad smile.

"It's an honor." He says sincerely.

"It's starting!" Rings Effie's voice. Haymitch leads me out the door and down the steps of my house. We walk towards the gate that leads to the meadow which is already open. We walk through and begin our journey to Peeta.

Peeta's POV

I'm standing by the Capitol minister that will marry Katniss and I. I'm so nervous. I know I shouldn't be because I'm marrying the girl of my dreams but what if someone looses the rings or someone speaks out not wanting us to marry. Or what if I get a flashback. That would break Katniss's heart. 'Stop Peeta. You shouldn't think like that. Today is the happiest day of your life and everything will go perfect and the way it's supposed to. Effie and Haymitch will make sure of it.' I try to reassure myself until the most beautiful girl interrupts my thoughts. Music starts playing from a speaker somewhere and everyone stands for the bride; my bride. She's flawless. Her hair in its normal braid but with a twist. Her minimal makeup because she needs little to none. Then there's the dress. It flows in the slight breeze as she walks and the little diamond sparkly piece shines every time the sun hits it. Its just perfect. Once she reaches me and Haymitch kisses her cheek before leaving the ceremony starts. We don't really pay much attention because we are lost in each other's eyes. Soon enough we say our vows and it's time for the rings. On the outside they are plain gold bands but on the inside 'Real' is engraved on both. We do the rings and the preacher asks Katniss,

"Do you, Katniss Everdeen, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Katniss says with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen on her.

"Do you, Peeta Mellark, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The preacher asks me.

"I do." I reply and mimic Katniss' smile.

The preacher takes a step back and says for everyone to hear, "I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Everyone stands up and claps as I crash my lips against Katniss'. She kisses back with fire and passion. I pull back because we would be there forever if I didn't. She wears a huge smile and so do I.

"We're finally married!" She says.

"You're mine forever." I say.

I take her hand and we run back down the aisle as a married couple.

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