Chapter 23

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Today Peeta and I are supposed to go to the meadow on a picnic. He asked me last night sounding a little nervous but maybe it was just something that happened at work. I wake up beside him but he's already awake. 

"Hey, " I say my voice still full of sleep.

"Hey, " He replies softly. He picks me up and puts me in his lap and I rest my head on his strong chest. Peeta wraps his arms around me and squeezes me closer to him. We stay like that for about five minutes untill my stomach growls. I look at Peeta and smile and he sighs. 

"Pancakes please, " I say happily. He chuckles and throws me over his shoulder. This has become a regular thing so I don't even kick or flail. I just let him take me downstairs and put my on the couch while he goes to make breakfast. 

With my necklace Peeta got for me a few years ago on, I am ready to go on our picnic. 
I walk down the stairs to the front door and wait for Peeta. 

"Almost ready!" He yells from upstiars in his painting room. About three years ago we turned the room at the end of the hallway into a painting room for him. He spends a lot of time in there when I'm busy.

He lumbers downstairs picnic basket in one hand and lacing his fingers of his free hand into mine. 

"Ready?" I ask him giggling at how he's out of breath.

He nods. "Yeah, " He says opening the door for me.


We walk to our favorite place in the meadow that we found around two years ago. Its this nice shady spot under a beautiful big maple tree. Once we're there we sit down and start to eat the sandwhiches I made for us. We are soon done and are laying down looking at the clouds and the different shapes they make. Katniss points out a turtle, an apple, and a boat. I point out a cake, a dog, and a paint brush. I then sit up wanting to have a little fun. 

"Hey, " Katniss says with a little frown on her face. I smile mischeviously and start tickling her. Immediatly she starts to laugh. Her laugh isn't too hight pithced but its not low either. We start rolling down the hill uncontrolably untill we get to the bottom. When we finally stop rolling I am leaning over her. I bend down and kiss her soft full lips. She pushes me off and I frown. She laughs at me and starts playing a game I thought I would never play again. Tag. 

"Tag, you're it!" She yells tapping me on my shoulder before running away.I get up and start to run after her. Katniss is pretty fast, but not fast enough to outrun me. Soon I catch her from behind by her waist and I spin her around making her shoe fly off her foot.

"Peeta my shoe, " She says still laughing. I put her down and notice that the sun has just started to set and I'm not going to have enough time if I don't do this now. While Katniss runs to go get her shoe, I run to the picnic basket and dig for the little black square box.


I run to get my shoe and put it on. I start walking back to Peeta untill I see him there before me. He has a black box in his hands and is down on one knee. My mouth drops in shock and I cover it with both hands tears pooling in my eyes. I finally reach him and the tears are threatening to spill over my eyelids. 

Then he starts, "Katniss Everdeen. Since the first day I saw you I knew that you would change my life I just didn't know how. When you sang that first day in school I could tell you were something special. Unfortunatly the beginning of our love story hasn't been exactly the best thing in our lives but hopefully the rest will. I love you so much Katniss. So I have decided that this is the best time to ask. Will you do me the honor by marrying me?" He finishes and I can't contain myself from crying hysyerically.

"Oh Peeta, " I chock out between sobs, "Yes. Yes, of course!" He puts a beautiful ring on my left hand and spins me around. He sets me down but doesn't let me go. 

"I can't believe we are going to get married!" I exclaim with pure happiness.

Later that night when we get into bed I can't stop smiling and admiring my ring. I look up at a smiling Peeta with tears in his eyes.

"I love you so much Peeta. Thank you." I say kissing his cheeck and putting my head back on his chest. 

"I love you too Katniss." I hear just as sleep ends my perfect day.

*Long chapter yay! Now we have a wedding to look forward to!

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