Chaper 2

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Peeta is supposed to come back today. Haymitch came over earlier to remind me, and tell me to get ready to go and meet him. I get dressed in an orange shirt and jeans. I go out to my doorstep and sit down, waiting for Haymitch.

A few minutes later Haymitch appears from his house. He walks over to me.

"Are you ready sweetheart?" He asks me. I give him a nod and we head off to the meadow, where the hovercraft will bring Peeta.

We have been waiting in the meadow for a while now, and I'm so nervous. What if he doesn't remember me because if his treatment? What if he doesn't love me? I go through a bunch of scenarios, until I start to shake. Haymitch must notice because he puts an arm around my shoulders, and pulls me closer to him.

"Everything is going to be fine sweetheart. He's going to be okay." Thats when we hear and see the hovercraft, and tears start to pool in my eyes.

*Sorry its a short chapter. I've been busy. ilyasm :)

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