Chapter 20

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We get to the meadow and sit down. I pull the sandwhiches out of the picnic basket and hand one to Katniss. She instantly sinks her teeth into it.

"Mmm," she says. "Thank you Peeta."

"It was no problem Katniss." I reply. We finish eating the rest of our sandwhiches in silence. Katniss then whistles. The whistle she shared with Rue in the first Games. Then the birds copy her little tune. Mockingjays. She looks at me and smiles a big smile. Then her smile fades.

"Rue." she says. 

"I know." I say kissing her forehead. "Its okay." I assure her. After eating and listening to the mockingjays we lay down in the soft, green grass. I lay on my back with Katniss on my chest. I break the silence and ask a quesion I haven't asked in a while.

"Katniss?" I ask

"Hhm?" she replies.

"Do you ever want kids? Like if we ever get married?" I ask nervously.

"I don't know," she answers, "I'm scared to."


"Because I don't want them to end up being taken from us, or know about the cruelty we endured. That is sure to give them nightmares just like me. I'm just scared something bad'll happen to them. I mean look at how we ended up. Our luck has been nothing but bad. And anyway I would be a terrible mother Peeta. Kids just don't really like me." She explains. 

I sit up, "Look at me," I say gently "Nothing bad will happen to them, I promise. We will take great care of them you'll see. They'll be so happy and they'll love you. You'll be a great mother I see it now. And we can tell them everything that has happened to us when they're older. To make sure they can handle it. And luck is nothing. We were obviously meant to be together or we wouldn't be sitting here right now. So I promise you everything will be fine. And yeah there will be some bumps in the road but I'll be right here next to you and we'll get through it. We always do." I say hoping that eases everything.

She breakes my gaze and looks down. But I lift her chin up and bring her face to mine pressing my lips against hers. I cup her face with my hands and deepen the kiss. Its full of magic and fire and I wish it could last forever untill Katniss breaks it to breathe.

"Are you sure everything will be okay?" She asks still sounding a little unsure.

"I'm positive." I say meaning every word. 

"Then I'll think about it." She says to me with a little smile on her face. I stand and go behind her to scoop her up off the ground bridal style. I bend down and grab the picnic basket with my one hand and walk us back to our house. 

"Peeta look," Katniss says pointing at the sky, "Its your favorite color. Orange like the sunset." I look up and notice she's right. "Its beautiful." She exclaims.

"Yeah, just like you." I say kissing her forhead.

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