Chapter 14

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When we get home that night we go straight to bed, with Peeta lying beside me and my head on his chest.

‘I’m out hunting in the middle of the woods when I hear leaves rustle behind me. I load my bow and turn around expecting to see an animal. Instead I see nothing. I continue walking through the woods hoping to find some game. Instead I hear the rustling again. I look behind me and see someone I never wanted to see again; President Snow. I run after him bow still loaded. I thought he was dead. I say to myself. I catch up to him and look up and find out that he has company. My mouth drops open and my eyes burn with tears. He has my mother, father, and sister with him. They are all standing on tree stumps with hand cuffs. “Say goodbye to your family,” Snow hissed. “What?” I said almost in disbelief of what he was implying. He pulled out a small hand gun and pointed it at my father. Tears were streaming down my face. "Daddy, no!” I screamed just as Snow pulled the trigger. He moved the gun until it pointed at my mother and pulled the trigger just as my lips were forming her name. The gun finally made its way to Prim. “Prim!” I screamed as I ran up to her in hopes that I could save her. Just as I reached the stump she was standing on Snow pulled the trigger, she collapsed, and I realized that I was too late. I fell to the ground crying as Snow stood over me and gave an evil laugh before leaving me alone in the woods with my now dead family.’

I wake up sweating, crying and thrashing around until I feel arms around me. I scream louder thinking its Snow; thinking I’m still in that awful nightmare. I hear Peeta soothing me trying to calm me down and I turn to him and his open arms. I gladly go into them and I continue to cry while the trembling starts. I cry harder but try to keep my eyes open because every time they close I see the images of my dead family. Peeta pulls me into his lap and rocks me back and forth. I press my cheek harder against his chest wishing he could just hold me forever.

As I start to calm down Peeta asks, “If you want to tell me what happened, you can.”

“I know,” I say shakily. “I think I’ll tell you tomorrow I just want to try and go back to sleep.” I said.

“Okay,” he says. “I love you. Good night.” He says kissing my forehead.

”I love you too.”  I said sleep already pulling me under.

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