Chapter 26

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Tuesday morning Peeta leaves for work and I decide to take a walk through the woods. I grab my bow and arrows incase I see something and head out the door. By the time I get to the woods its fairly warm out so I take my hunting jacket off. I walk into the woods only seeing the occasional squirrel. untill I hear a twig snap. I load my bow and quiet my breathing. When I hear more snapping twigs I get scared. I'm normally the only one in the woods. I don't move incase the thing hears me. I begin to lower my bow because I don't hear anything else when something is being thrown over my head and I'm lifted off the ground. I can tell whoever is carrying me is running because of the way I'm bobbing up and down. Screaming I begin to kick and try to fight my kidnapper but what I get in return is a hit on my head and a world of black.

I wake up on a hard cold floor. I look around and all I see are gray cement walls. Sitting up I feel a pounding in my head. I search for Peeta but I don't find him. Instead I see a person I'm surprised and angry to see. Gale. My mouth drops and I scoot away untill my back hits a wall. 

"Its okay Katniss." He says gently.

"Where's Peeta?" I ask demandingly. "What am I doing here?"

He twiddles with his thumbs and I know he took me. Memories come back and I remember being taken and hit over the head and blacking out. 

"Why did you bring me here? Why did you kidnap me?"

 "I wanted to tell you that you could've done better than him but I didn't want him around so..."

"That gives you no right to kidnap me!" I scream in his face. 

"But if you came with me I would give you the life you deserve. Not one wondering when he'll have another flashback or dealing with a broken boy. Don't you see? Everything will be better for you if you just go home and tell Peeta you're coming with me. Everything will change for the better. I promise." He says.

"No!" I say the word falling out of my mouth. "Why would I go with you? Don't you remember what you did? She's gone and I'll never see her again." I say my eyes watering.

"I know," He says with a bit of guilt in his voice. "And I'm so sorry. But if you come back with me and leave that boy to his misery I can make it up to you." He says hopeful that I'll agree. Every second I look at him I miss Peeta more and more. 

"Well you can't bring her back so it looks like you can't make it up to me." 

"Katniss please. Give me a chance to prove myself. Remember when we would hunt out here and gather berries and plants for our falmilies? Remember how much fun we had together?" 

"How could I forget? I only spent my whole life out here." He chuckles a little. Probably remembering something from our past. 

"Well I should get going. Its getting dark and Peeta is probably wondering where I..." I trail off hearing a blood curdling scream. Its a males voice. It sounds like... Peeta!

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