Chapter 31

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After three days the doctor clears Peeta and we can go. His doctor said that he should take it easy and not lift anything heavy or do anything that would strain his back. I learned that his doctor's name was Chris. Chris gave me Peeta's release form and that when we were ready a nurse would take the paper and that we could leave.

We board the train to go home and Peeta and I go directly to our room. We are both exhusted. We lay down and get comfortable with Peeta's arm holding me close and my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. 

"I've missed laying with you." I say.

"Me too." Peeta replies. Soon later I hear his hearbeat fall steady. Then I hear something I've never heard before. His heart is beating faster and faster. He's having a nightmare.


I walk through town and see flames coming from a building. Running I go to see if I can help. I get to the source of the flames and my jaw drops. My family bakery is burning to the ground and there's nothing I can do about it. My whole family was in there. I bolt back to my house and cry in my room. A few days later I hear a knock at my door. I haven't been out for almost a week now. I open the door and find a peacekeeper standing on my door step. 

"Peeta Mellark?" The man says.


"After further investigation we have found the cause of the fire." He says.

"Come inside." I say politly. 

We sit on the couch and he explains everything but I'm not really listening untill he gets to the part of how it happened. "Katniss Everdeen." He says simply. "It was arson." 

Katniss Everdeen killed my whole family. Katniss Everdeen destroyedd my true home. Katniss Everdeen is a mutt. I must kill Katniss Everdeen. I stomp out of my home in the Victor's Village and straight to her house. I burst in and find her on the couch. She doesn't have time to process anything that's going on before my hands form a collar around her neck. 

"Peeta please," She croaks out. She's gasping for air and...

I wake up with a start and Katniss is laying in bed with wide eyes, worried. 

"Mutt!" I yell. She immediatly backs out of the bed and on to the the floor. She crawls into a corner and brings her knees up to her chest. 

"Mutt." I growl at her. She will die for what she did. I will get revenge. She presses her back against the wall but she can't go back any further. Trapped. I get closer and put my face right in front of her's. 

"I will kill y..." I begin as I move my hand up to her neck but something unexpected happens. She kisses my lips and everything comes rushing back. I see flashes of us loving each other and spending time together and suddenly I remember. It was only a dream.


His eyes turn from black to blue and he relaxes. He notices the positions we are in and immediatly back away. 

"Its okay Peeta." I say gently.

"No. I almost killed you." 

"No I wouldn't have let that happen." I say. He hunches over. I wish this didn't have to happen. We don't deserve this. I scooch closer to Peeta untill I'm in his lap. He wraps his arms around me tight not wanting to let go. Then I feel him trembling. I look up and see tears rolling down his cheeks. My thumb finds its way to Peeta's face and wipes his tears away. "Look at me." I demand. He looks at me with sad blue eyes. "Everything is okay." He looks away but nods in agreement.

I loosen his grip on me and wiggle out of his arms but he pulls me back down. "Hang on." I say. I walk down the stairs with quiet feet and grab the blanket off the couch. I'm not going to make Peeta get up in the bed if he doesn't want to so we'll just sleep on the floor. I make my way up and when I reach our room I get Peeta his pillow. I put it on the floor and he lays on it. I sit down and spread the blanket out. Peeta takes it from me and when I look at him he just pats his chest telling me to lay down. I do what he wants and he covers us. I am warm as soon as the blanket is down. Even if we didn't have a blanket I would still be warm with him here with me. I lay there for a while just thinking about random stuff untill Peeta's breathing steadies. I look back and see he fell asleep on his side.  I decide to go to sleep too so I roll over careful not to wake Peeta up and burrow my face in his chest. The strong familiar scent of cinnamon makes me feel safe and secure and it eventually helps me to fall into a deep peacefull sleep.

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