Chapter 1

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It's been two years since the war. I've isolated myself in my home in the Victors Village because, I have no purpose in the outside world. Every once in a while I'll go out to the woods just to clear my head, but other than that I stay at home.

I haven't seen Peeta since we were in 13. He stayed because a doctor was going to help ease the flashbacks. I don't know when he will be back, but I hope it's soon. I miss his strong, protective arms around me at night. I miss how he can comfort me with just his words after a nightmare. I realized a couple days ago, when I was siting in a corner crying, that I truly love the boy with the bread.

Haymitch comes to check on me every other day to make sure I'm okay. Sae comes every night to make me some sort of soup or stew, which I don't even eat. Gale moved to District 2, and I haven't heard from him since after the war. He probably has a good job, a wife, and kids. I wonder if he feels bad about what happened to my sister. Too bad I'll never know.

Haymitch comes through the door seconds later.

"I see you're still in your corner sweetheart," he says. All he gets back is the usual silent answer. "Well, I have some good news for you," he starts. I look up at him. "Peeta's doctor called me yesterday, and told me his treatment is almost done. He should be coming on a hovercraft in about 3 days." Tears start to form in my eyes at the thought of Peeta being back.

"Really?" I mange to croak out.

"Yes, sweetheart," Haymitch replies. 'Peeta's really coming back', I think to myself as a single tear of happiness rolls down my cheek.

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