Chapter 15

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I wake up to sunlight streaming through the window. I blink a few times to get used to the light and look up just to see Peeta looking down at me.

“You’re finally up.” He teases with a small smile.

I give him a look and say, “How long have you been up?”

“For about half an hour.” He answers.

“Why?” I ask.

“Because I couldn’t fall back asleep and you, after being all frantic last night, finally looked peaceful. So I decided to enjoy it while I could because it doesn’t happen often.” He says matter of factly.I start to get a lump in my throat remembering my dream.

“It was awful,” I say.

“I know. You can tell me if you want.” He says.

“He had them. All of them.” I say blankly.

“Who?” Peeta asks.

“Snow. He h-had my f-family.” I stutter. “I was hunting in the woods and he was there. I started to run after him hoping I would finally be able to get him. He led me to my family and they were all standing on tree stumps. He told me to say goodbye to them but he shot my father before I knew what he meant. He then shot the rest of them, pushed me on the ground in front of them and as I was on the ground he laughed at me with an evil laugh.” Wrapped in Peeta’s arms I was now sobbing.

“Shhh,” he soothed. “You’re okay. Snow’s dead. He’s gone. He won’t hurt you anymore. As long as I’m here, you’re safe. I promise.” He assures me. I look up at him and kiss his warm lips. He pulls away for air. I rest my forehead on his and look into his mesmerizing blue eyes.

“I love you so much.” I tell him.

“I love you more.” He replies.

“Sorry but that’s not possible.” I say with a smile.

“Come on.” He says with a laugh hearing my stomach growl. “Let’s go eat.”

“Yes,” I agree. “But you have to carry me.” I say with my arms up in the air. Peeta rolls his eyes but smiles.

"Fine.” He says with a chuckle. His arm slips under my legs and around my back holding me up bridal style. Then we exit the room with my head on his chest and he takes me down stairs.

Once we get to the bottom he sets me on a stool in the kitchen. Before he can go I hold his arm and pout knowing he’ll know what I want. He walks towards me and plants a kiss on my forehead. He pulls back and raises his eyebrows as if to ask “Happy?” I smile and let him go.

“Pancakes?” He asks.

“Yes please.” I say my mouth watering. A few minutes later there are pancakes on the table and we are ready to eat. I clear my throat to get his attention and once he looks over at me I put my arms in the air wanting him to carry me again. He sighs and comes over to get me.

“I love you.” I remind him with a slight smile on my face.

“I know.” He says smiling. Once we finish breakfast we get a phone call. Peeta goes to answer it and a while later he comes back.

“Who was it?” I ask.

“Effie.” He answers.

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