Chapter 5

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I wake up with my head still on Peeta's chest. I look up at him and realize he's awake and looking down on me.

"Hey," he says.

"How long have you been awake?" I ask.

"Not long. I've been up for about 10 minutes. You look so peaceful when you sleep without the nightmares." I just smile, and we lay there in silence for a while.

Finally my stomach make a gargle noise. "Are you hungry?" Peeta asks with a laugh. I laugh a little too,

"Yeah," I reply. "Can u make pancakes?" I ask hopeful.

"Yeah, sure." He answers with a smile.

And with that, he gets out of bed, and carries me down stairs bridal style, to the kitchen. Peeta gets everything he needs to make the pancakes and asks,

"Do you wanna help me, Katniss?"

"Sure." I say with a smile. I get up from my chair, and he leads me to the counter and stands behind me. He adds everything to a bowl and wraps his arms around me guiding my arms to mix the pancake batter.Once we're done mixing the batter, I turn around still in his arms and snake mine around his neck. "I love you, Peeta." I say.

He looks a bit shocked at what I said, but isn't hesitant with his answer. "I love you too Katniss."

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