Iwaoi #1 (Angst)

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Muffled sobs rang through the locker room.

They lost...

They lost to Karasuno.

The third years never went to nationals.

Oikawa sat in the corner with his head between his knees.

'It's all my fault. I couldn't receive the last ball. It's all my fault.'

This constantly ran through his mind. Because of him, Iwaizumi, Hanamaki and Matsukawa never get to go to nationals. This was their last chance and he fucked it all up.

"Oikawa...The bus is here, it's time to go."

A deep strained voice belonging to the one and only Iwaizumi Hajime didn't seem to snap the brunette out of his overwhelming repetitive thoughts.


Still no response. Slowly he crouched down and placed his hand on the others shoulder snapping him back to reality.

"Oh, sorry Iwaizumi, I didn't hear you."


The black-haired boy wondered. He couldn't remember the last time Oikawa called him that. It was always 'Iwa-chan'. 

The brunette stood up and briskly walked past the shorter male, his face emotionless. Iwaizumi was for sure, still upset about losing the match, but Oikawa's behaviour worried him the most. However, he decided not to push it, blaming it on the loss for Oikawa's actions.

The next day, Oikawa seemed back to normal, well mostly. He's yet to call everyone by their nicknames, which is extremely weird. Iwaizumi was walking out of his math class looking at his phone when he bumped into someone.

"Oh sor-"

"I'm so sorry Iwaizumi. I'm so freaking stupid, it's my fault, sorry."

Iwaizumi looked up, shocked by seeing Oikawa. Oikawa would normally make a joke about Iwaizumi 'falling for him' or something. And there it was again,


Something was definitely wrong.

"Oikawa, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, it was my fault ok. Just like yesterday."

The brunette mumbled the last part, but Iwaizumi still heard.

He clenched his fists.

'That's what this is about...he's taking the blame for the whole thing.'

"Oikawa, it's not your fa-"

"Yes it is, anyway, I'm probably bothering you right now. Bye Iwaizumi!"

And with that he walked off, leaving Iwaizumi confused.

He didn't see Oikawa for the rest of the school day. And he was worried. Oikawa always sat with him, Makki and Mattsun at lunch breaks, and yet he didn't show up.

"Oikawa and I have most of our classes together, but he only showed up to the first period."

Makki said.

"And he isn't answering any of my calls or texts, which we all know is unusual for him."

Mattsun added.

"Maybe you should go to his house after school, Iwaizumi. You're the only one he would listen too."

Iwaizumi sighed, becoming more and more worried about his best friend.

"Alright, I'll go straight after school and let you guys know the result. I think he is taking the loss yesterday harder than anyone."

The other two nodded, since Oikawa was the captain and the one who promised them they would go to nationals, it made sense that this was really hard on him. 

After school ended, Iwaizumi made his way to Oikawa's house, which wasn't out of the way from his house since they lived on the same street and have since they were children. 

He took and deep breath and knocked on the front door of Oikawa's house.

After a few minutes, a dishevelled Oikawa opened the door. His eyes red and eyelashes soaked. He looked as if he had been crying. 


His voice was hoarse. He had definitely been crying. 

"Can I come in?"


Oikawa moved to this side and Iwaizumi walked into his house and they made their way to his bedroom.

"I didn't see you at lunch, and Makki said you didn't attend any classes after the first period."

"Oh, I wasn't feeling well so I came home, sorry for not letting you guys know."

"It's fine but, you look like you have been crying. What's wrong? Is it because of yesterday?"

"I-it's all my fault we lost. It's all my fault..."

Fresh tears formed in the corners of his eyes and slowly dripped down his cheek.

"It's not Oikawa."

"It is! I couldn't even receive that last ball! If I had we would have won. I disappointed you all."

The brunette's voice trembled and shook, tears flowing much more freely down his face. Iwaizumi's eyes widened. He could feel Oikawa's pain radiating off him. And he wanted nothing more than to take it away.

"You didn't Oikawa! You played harder than anyone!"


"Call me Iwa-chan damnit! Hearing you call me Iwaizumi sounds wrong."

"But you hate it when I call you that..."

"I never said I didn't like it."

"I-I don't know what to do Iwa-chan! I can't face Makki and Mattsun, because of me, us four will never play in an official match again!"

Iwaizumi put his large hands on the wet cheeks of Oikawa and looked him dead in the eye.

"You blame yourself too much and too often."


"No buts."

Before Oikawa could respond, Iwaizumi pressed his lips with the other boy. Still wet from his tears. They were soft and tasted faintly of milk bread.

No surprise there.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Was that angst enough? I'm not sure, it's my first time writing it. But when I saw that fanart I thought it would be perfect for a Iwaoi angst. Anyway,

Author-chan out.

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