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logged in!┇kenhina by kenme0w
logged in!┇kenhinaby ahre
𝗸𝗼𝘇𝘂𝗺𝗲 kenma is a pro-gamer that happens to meet the beginner gamer hinata shōyō, in a RPG. (role-playing game) © furudate haruichi, haikyu. © kenme0w, plot / wri...
Nekomas crow by napcallous
Nekomas crowby nappy
Hinata is being bullied by the 1st and 2nd years at Karasuno. They don't tell him if practice is canceled or not. Someday Hinata gets lost and finds a boy that also play...
Lovely (Kenhina) by Lilgibbygabs
Lovely (Kenhina)by GabbyTheWeirdo
Hinata visits Toyko with his team to do two practice matches. He's excited because he gets to hangout with Kenma! It's only a week, but a lot can happen in a week.
Soulmates - KenHina by Tsukki_and_Yamaguchi
Soulmates - KenHinaby ꕤ ᴋɪᴛ ꕤ
A world where at the age of 16 a mark your soulmate made appears on your skin. It can be a word, a quote, a small drawing or both. A Kenma x Hinata fanfiction I do not o...
Baby First Years by scorpiusstarUwU
Baby First Yearsby miniblueberry!
all the first year turn into baby's and kurasuno has to give three of them to different schools lets see what happens
Mr. Loverman (Kenhina Fanfic) by Izukudripdoriyaa
Mr. Loverman (Kenhina Fanfic)by Chicken Nugget Lord
Kenma is horny and Shoyo has no shame. They are both possessive tho 😗 (still updating! I'm just gonna start writing Shoyo as more southern 😊)
Love and Joy (kenhina story) by AkachanTanaka
Love and Joy (kenhina story)by waifu_nezu
Kozume Kenma wasn't very talkative. He didn't like hanging out with people, or even interacting with them. But because of this he was teased a bit. He mainly focused on...
The sunshine is fake? by abbiJ12
The sunshine is fake?by Faharia
Okay so I'm super scared to start a story but here it goes Hinata the sunshine that shines more than the actual sun itself. So it may seem though, a sun is never a sun w...
🅽🅾︎🅱︎🅾︎🅳🆈 🅷🆄🆁🆃🆂 🅷🅸🅼 (𝗬𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗔𝗨,𝗞𝗲𝗻𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗮) by kittynanita
🅽🅾︎🅱︎🅾︎🅳🆈 🅷🆄🆁🆃🆂 🅷🅸🅼 Kenma and Shoyo been dating for 2 months now and it changed Kenma.He says he will protect Shoyo even if he has to get dirty. •This is a...
Am I a Cat or are You a Crow? (A KenHina fanfic)COMPLETED by Csheil
Am I a Cat or are You a Crow? (A Person
During the summer training camp a certain pudding head has a little too much fun with another certain orange pudding head and the bond they share is close... Too close...
Who's his lover? by AreumChae4
Who's his lover?by Areum Chae
Kenma X Hinata/ Hinata x Kenma Kenma and Hinata are finally coming out and telling everyone who they're with, but not before a little fun in teasing them. Instagram pos...
Haikyuu one shots ft. rare hinata ships by _tancakes
Haikyuu one shots ft. rare Tani
So i decided to take it upon myself and do the deed for our rare shippers , including myself . I hope you all enjoy the gay ! ( ps : I hope you don't get bored )
Hinata's parents are both out of the house.His dad is working overseas and his mom is going to California to take care of her sick mom.His mom says that he has to take c...
x Hinata One Shots  by Uncreativity101
x Hinata One Shots by Uncreativity101
I was going to write a story but... Couldn't decide on a single ship so.... Here's mini stories instead :) All yaoi with Hinata as uke :p
control by _just_jaz_
controlby Omi
Another kenhina because they don't get enough love, but it's not all lovey dovey this time. ⚠contains triggering subjects⚠ Hinata is blind to the toxicity of his relati...
God Damn, Hinata! by hey-mayday
God Damn, Hinata!by HEYMYDY
Soley based on Hinata Headcanons from the readers. Some are one-shots but most are connected to each other in some way. previously called 'Hinata Shoyou the Chess Master...
The Secret (Kenhina) (DISCONTINUED ) by UglyCowKyra
The Secret (Kenhina) ( Kyra
Hinata has a secret. That secret is that he is a Figure Skater. He's coaches non other then the famous Yuri and Viktor. Also so known as his dads. He was adopted by them...
When I First Met You (KenHina) (KuroKage) by ainKanao
When I First Met You (KenHina) ( 🍀
"Hi! I'm Hinata Shoyo! What's your name?"as he said to boy in the red jacket playing with his game console. Turning his head around to look at the boy behind h...
Kiyoko exposes Fanarts ✔️ by to_let_stories_live
Kiyoko exposes Fanarts ✔️by Just Max:)
Just some chat fics where Kiyoko exposes Fanarts ⚠️Non of the pictures is mine, credits to the artist ⚠️
Unbreakable Love // Haikyuu - Kenhina // by BunBunRose
Unbreakable Love // Haikyuu - Oli
Before Karasuno's first practice match with Nekoma, Hinata takes a great fall and ends up hurting himself. He won't be able to play in the game. One late night while he...