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A reason for his smile[Atsuhina] by atotalsimpsan
A reason for his smile[Atsuhina]by Angel
Then Atsumu heard a laugh. A laugh so sweet, so light, so bright. His heart was pounding in his chest, threatening to drown out the sound of this laugh. He looked around...
Take My Crown, I Only Want Him (Atsuhina) by teafortears_
Take My Crown, I Only Want Him ( Audrey Grace
The Civil War in Japan lasted a long 15 years, until each kingdom of Karasuno, Inarizaki, Nekoma, Fukurodani, and Aoba Johsai's supplies and soldiers were depleted. They...
Jealousy (R-18) by chizuprxncxss
Jealousy (R-18)by chizuprxncxss
It all started with jealousy, until troubles and secrets start to unfold one by one. A/N: yo this is chizuprxnxcxss back at it again with another story uwu this quaran...
karasuno's beautiful manager { hinata harem } { girl hinata au } by fumiku-san
karasuno's beautiful manager { Yumi Sato
karasuno had a two manager one is cute/shy and the other one is beautiful the two of them are friends with a girl name Shoya hinata she's quite popular because of her pa...
Onigiri, Luv by awesamu
Onigiri, Luvby rice
Where Hinata meets an annoying fox.
Bad Fox! | atsuhina by buttmunchkin
Bad Fox! | atsuhinaby buttmunchkin
fantasy au atsumu x shouyou ----- A story about a hungry, frustrated fox shifter stumbling upon a plump crow! Can Shouyou convince Atsumu not to eat him?! Only one way t...
A Toss For You (Atsuhina) by AsHsLay1005
A Toss For You (Atsuhina)by AsHLaY
Hinata couldn't sleep so he went out for a walk to clear his head what he didn't expect was the person he was thinking about to appear right in front of him. Atsuhina (A...
inarizaki's Sun remake  by KeishaCassielleMarte
inarizaki's Sun remake by Kyusaku Yumeno
Atsuhina in inarizaki basically a remake of my last story
Hinata Harem<3 by haikav3
Hinata Harem<3by Adithi
Hinata is a very caring kind and lovely person whom every body absolutely adored. He was ball of sunshine who lights up everyone around him. An absolute beauty too. Girl...
A Second Once in a Lifetime  by soaki_
A Second Once in a Lifetime by sasaki
"Losing in a game scares me, but losing you scares me more." ______ ⚠️CAUTION⚠️: This story focuses on the dynamic between Hinata Shoyo, Kageyama Tobio, and Mi...
Hinata's Popular Boyfriend [Hinata Shouyo x Atsumu Miya] by _banzabanzai
Hinata's Popular Boyfriend [ Avius Vad
Atsumu Miya is Japan's national boyfriend. But he's dating Shouyo. D I S C L A I M E R : This is a work of FICTION. Any resemblance with actual events is purely coinc...
Haikyuu Oneshots by depressedzest
Haikyuu Oneshotsby Depressed Zest - Back On Hait...
Basically, just oneshots based of fanart I find. There will be a combination of fluff, smut and angst. Smut chapters will be rarer and not in much detail since I suck at...
♡ℍ𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕒'𝕤 ℍ𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕞♡ DISCONTINUED  by Honeymilkl
♡ℍ𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕒'𝕤 ℍ𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕞♡ Honeymilk
•°• Hinatas harem oneshots I take requests!!°•° ♤Aha! I finally get to let my ideas out♡
War Between Setters by rossD07
War Between Settersby Ross Dionisio
Years after training in Brazil, Hinata Shoyo comes back to Japan to enter the V-league. He's ready for a fresh start and prove Kageyama he can stand on his own, in a dif...
Impure Hinata harem by Pinkycandydimond
Impure Hinata haremby oikawa is _trash
It all starts with a training camp to Tokyo! But all of karasuno knows what trouble their little middle blocker hinata can cause without knowing. Note: I don't own the c...
Shangri La by Lucky_luck28
Shangri Laby s_e_la-_lo_u_n
read it. yes. that is all. 🍵😎👌 *I do not own any images*
Haikyuu one shots ft. rare hinata ships by _tancakes
Haikyuu one shots ft. rare Tani
So i decided to take it upon myself and do the deed for our rare shippers , including myself . I hope you all enjoy the gay ! ( ps : I hope you don't get bored )
Silence by xiskylar
Silenceby sky <3
Before this begins, I have some few warnings before reading. So read at your own risk. Reminder, You all matter <3 - Suicide attempts - NSFW (Maybe) Not sure, might...
The rumors that makes me change(Haikyuu)Hinata harem by taytay_ft
The rumors that makes me change( swiftie
-Yachi started a rumors about hinata that he hates the team and been talking behind their back of course the idiots (Karasuno) believe it because their Manager said it a...