Chapter 1

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I watched in misery as another group of preteens came bursting through the doors of Sugar Shake. I looked at them distastefully as they charged their way to a booth, irritatingly screeching amongst themselves. 

"Where do they keep coming from?" I grumbled, complaining to my co-worker Ben. 

I looked at Ben, whose eyes were sparkling with amusement, probably internally laughing at my misery. He knew how much I hated serving large groups of children. 

 He chuckled as he pushed himself off the counter. "Don't worry Mimi, I've got this table. You don't have to suffer," he said with a laugh. He patted me on the shoulder in sympathy before heading over to their table.

I watched Ben's retreating figure leave with a grateful smile. I chuckled as my eyes drifted to look at his long beach blonde hair, which he had tied up in a ponytail. I liked to make fun of him for how long his hair was, telling him it made him look like an Australian surfer dude. 

He would always just roll his eyes at me, before going into a long speech about how his hairstyle was 'hot as fuck' as he liked to put it, and a massive hit with the girls. He wasn't wrong, to be honest; I've overheard many a girl at school gossiping about how sexy they think his hair was, but I couldn't relate and didn't see him that way at all.

 Despite the fact that Ben was a bit of a womanizer, I had surprisingly become good friends with him since working here. I assumed he was going to be a douche, from the types of people he hung out with but he was actually a pretty decent person and made me laugh a lot.

Complaining to Ben was the only thing that seemed to get me through the shift because the customers were awful. Take for instance, a couple of hours ago. I was innocently collecting dirty bowls from one of the tables when a little bratty 8-year kid took it upon himself to sneeze all over my fucking face and I swear I felt some of his mucus enter the vicinity of my mouth. It was disgusting.

 Not only did he do that but the boy also decided it was a good idea to chuck his entire bowl of ice cream all over the freshly cleaned floors. And what made it worse was that the boy's dad, who was sitting beside him, didn't seem remotely concerned with his son's behavior. He just sort of glanced at the floor and then at me as if to say what are you waiting for, clean it up. It took nearly all my strength, not to throttle him on the spot.

I was just about to get back to work and start making some more sundaes, when the door of the shop suddenly burst open. A flash of red hair came barging through in a haste. I smiled, instantly recognizing the distinct mass of curly hair as belonging to my friend May.

 As soon as she saw me, her mouth stretched out into a grin, and she skipped over to the counter happily and threw herself onto the stool in front of me.

 "I thought I'd find you here," she said with a smile.

 "Well I do work here every Monday May, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out where I am," I said with a snort, shaking my head at her in amusement. 

"Meanie," she said as she stuck her tongue out at me.

 Her eyes then wandered behind the counter, they lit up like a child as she spotted a bowl of skittles. 

"Ooo skittles," she said excitedly, as she reached her hand over to take some.

 I slapped her hand before she could get to them, causing her to let out a little yelp in pain.

 "Hey, don't slap," she said looking at me with narrowed eyes, as she rubbed her hands. 

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have to slap you if you stopped sticking your hand into things that don't belong to you," I said, looking at her accusingly.

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