Leah's Escape {10}

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Hey guys!! Okay, I'm sorry this chapter's NOT the best but not only is it a fill-in chapter but it somewhat explains about STEPHANIE! have we had some curious ppl?? hopefully:) I'm going to post this chapter and then read my authors not at the bottom to find out the explination about Stephanie if you're confused with her charcter. its not THT big of a deal but it might explain somethings:)

Thanks alll<3333


Chapter Ten

            Lewis was packing his bag when Stephanie walked in. He ignored her and continued packing his bag as if she weren't there. "Ahem," She muttered. When Lewis didn't respond she said louder, "AHEM!"

            "What?" Lewis growled.

            "What's wrong with you," She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

            "Nothing," Lewis muttered, pulling the drawer out of his nightstand and flipping all the clothes in it into his suitcase.

            "Where do you think you're going?" Stephanie asked, "The year just started. You've only been here for two days. Why are you switching schools already?"

            "I'm not switching schools," He muttered, "I'm going home."

            "And what are you going to learn at home?" Stephanie challenged, putting her hands on her hips, "You going to go to college at home. Don't quit yet, Lewis, you're a smart kid and you'll do great here."

            "It's not that," Lewis sighed, putting more of his junk into a suitcase.

            Stephanie moved across the room and slammed Lewis's suitcase shut. She sat on top of it. Lewis let out a growl of frustration. "What?" He sighed, "What's so important right now that you have to sit on my suitcase."

            "Listen to me," Stephanie pouted.

            For a second, Lewis forgot that Stephanie was an assistant teacher. She didn't act like one, and it seemed like she liked Lewis. He had to shake that off though, because there were worse matters at hand. "What?" Lewis growled.

            "Why are you leaving?" Stephanie asked, cocking her head to the side.

            "Because I have to," Lewis answered, "Now will you please get off my suitcase."

            "Tell me," Stephanie insisted.

            "You want to know so badly?" Lewis yelled, he stormed over to Mike's TV, where the news was still playing. Leah came onto TV and Lewis pointed to her. "THAT!" Lewis screamed, "That's my problem!"

            Stephanie flinched. "How?" She murmured.

            Lewis ran a hand through his hair. "It's nothing to worry about," He told her, "So just...just drop it."

            Stephanie took in a deep breath. "Please?" She asked.

            "Get off my suitcase," Lewis ordered, "I need to go home. My family needs me, and you're just holding me up."

            "You're being really rude," Stephanie told him, pouting slightly. Why was she acting like a child? What was wrong with her?

            "I don't know if you understand Stephanie," Lewis growled, "I need to get home."

            "Don't talk to me like that," Stephanie snapped. Lewis rolled his eyes and continued pulling the stuff out he had just packed away. Stephanie looked around like she was in a panic. She kept glancing over at the TV.

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