Leah's Escape {3}

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Chapter Three

The next morning Tricia woke up and knew something was wrong right away. She couldn't hear the sizzling of breakfast that Lewis always made on Saturday mornings or Alex in the shower, or Marie's constant muttering. Something was defiantly wrong. Tricia slid out of her bed and padded her way down stairs.

"Hey? Where is everyone?" She called. Tricia looked into the kitchen but couldn't find anyone. So on her way to the living room she looked up and saw her family by the door. Marie was holding tight to Lewis, and Alex was holding suitcases. "What's going on?" Tricia asked in a small voice.

Lewis pulled away from Marie and stared at Tricia with wiery eyes. "I'm leaving for college," He muttered.

"What?!" Tricia snapped looking at all of them, "And you didn't think to tell me? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with all of you? Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"I didn't have to heart too," Lewis admitted.

"And you were just going to leave without me?" Tricia asked, her eyebrows pulling together.

"I didn't want to wake you," Was Lewis's answer.

"Well now I don't even know if I want to say goodbye to you," Tricia cried. Lewis opened his mouth to say something but before he could Tricia ran up to her room. She flung herself onto her bed and let the tears fall loose.

For some reason, everyone seemed to be changing except for Tricia. Marie was trying to become stronger for her kids. Tricia didn't wake up to her Mother crying or yelling anymore, and noticed the changes she was making everyday- spending less time at work and more time with her family. Lewis had been accepted into college, and was working harder than usual on his school work. Alex was the one who changed the most though. Instead of playing sports, he took up a new interest in painting. Of course the new Marie took this into consideration, and pushed Alex to follow the things he loved, but he still had to play at least one sport. Alex agreed eagerly, and their house is full of weird paintings. Tricia didn't like it, because it made her brother seem like he was weaker instead of growing stronger.

Tricia cried into her pillow until the tears were gone. Even when she couldn't cry anymore, she still felt broken. The new phone she got buzzed and she jumped. No one really knew her number except for her family, so she picked up. It was from Lewis.

Lewis: Don't b sadL

Tricia: 2 late. Thats alright, you'l hav fun in college.

Lewis: was this the rite idea?

Tricia: I don't kno.

Lewis: but I need ur opinion.

Tricia: I think ur smart enough 2 b in college. Don't doubt urself!

Lewis: thanx.

Tricia: good luck!

Lewis: thanxJ

Tricia closed her phone, and sat it on the nightstand. She grabbed the remote that was next to her phone, and turned on the small television that was in the corner of her room. She flicked through the channels with her eyes closed.

She still had to clean up her room from when Leah and possibly Lewis trashed her room. She was still avoiding cleaning it up, but sooner or later she knew she had too.

Pointless news filled her ears as she clicked the channels. Finally something caught her ear, and she opened her eyes. "Urgent news," The reporter snapped in an ugly tone, "The small town of Chester is in fear, of what has just been discovered."

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