Leah's Escape

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Okay guys enough people wore me down and so here's the sequel to Leah's Secret Ch. 1! Let me know what u think kay? COMMENT? VOTE? FAN?

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Chapter One

The room was dark, and Leah couldn't help that. She was surprised by the way jail was. She was actually put in a room with someone else, while here she thought that she would end up in one of those padded, enclosed rooms.

            Her roommate, Jane, was in there for suffocating her younger sister, when she didn't listen to her. Jane gave Leah a look that said, 'I have been here longer, and seen things you haven't. I own this place, you don't so don't even bother trying to run it.' Yeah, Leah got a lot out of that one look.

            "So what are you in for?" Jane asked, swinging her legs over the top bunk, and jumping off her bed.

            Slowly, and with detail, Leah told Jane her story. Jane looked at Leah at first, but then cringed away from her, and wasn't able to meet her gaze. "That's sick," Jane finally muttered, when Leah had finished her story.

            "What can I say," Leah grumbled, "I'm messed up."

            "Welcome to the club," Jane told her, shaking her hand.

            "How long have you been here?" Leah asked, getting up from the bottom bunk.

            "Four years," She answered, "And I'm in here for one more. I can't wait to get out of this joint. How long are you in for?"

            "Can't remember," Leah lied. Jane nodded, and walked over to the sink to wash her hands.

            "This place is just so boring," Jane groaned, "I think that's why so many people kill themselves in here. Out of boredom." Leah winced, and Jane just laughed. "Not me though," She continued, "I got a life out of this place, and I'm planning big, Leah, BIG!"

            Leah gave Janie a small smile, and she started to hum.

            Jane's dark red hair was hanging over her shoulders. It was straight with a little bit of a wave in it. She had sapphire blue eyes, which were filled with anger. She had a small nose that was scattered with faded freckles, and a small smirking smile.

            "Why'd you do it?" Jane asked.

            Leah bit the bottom of her lip, and looked up. "I guess," She whispered, "Because they were the only true family I ever had, and I felt the need to be close to them, and that was the only way I could complete it." Leah gave Jane a cold smile, and she shivered. "Scared," Leah whispered.

            "Yes," Jane answered, backing away from Leah.

            Leah just shrugged, not caring what Jane did. She didn't even care who this girl was. She frustrated Leah, when Leah just wanted to be alone; asking all of these questions, and wanting answers.

            An officer came striding down the hall, swinging a flashlight around. Leah recognized him as the officer who dragged her into this joint. She got up from the bed, and walked towards the bars of the cell. She smiled a scary smile, and winked as he came closer.

            "You have a visitor," He growled.

            "What?" Leah asked, her eyebrows rising.

            "Don't ask questions," He commanded, opening the cell. Leah stepped out gracefully. She winked at the officer again, and strode down the hall. She was wearing the same orange uniform, as everyone else, but she tied her hair into a ponytail, that hung over her shoulder.

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