Leah's Escape {8}

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Merry Christmas!!

Hey everyone a little more of Lewis! It seems like no one can rele remember Stephanie so after a few more chapters of her I'll tell you whats going on if u hvnt figured it out by then!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!!!


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Chapter Eight

            Lewis was lying on his bed, tossing a basketball into the air and catching it repeatedly. He had already done all his homework for that day's classes and he was unsure where his roommate had gone. "Knock, knock," Someone said in a sweet voice. Lewis grabbed the basketball and looked at the open door. Stephanie stood in the doorway with a small smile, a short skirt and a white blouse.

            "Hey," Lewis smiled, sitting up on his bed, "What's up?"

            "I have some boxes I have to move," She shrugged, "Care to help?"

            "Of course," Lewis answered quickly, jumping off the bed and grabbing his sneakers. He followed Stephanie out of the room and down the hall. They were back in her offices, and Lewis saw all of the packed boxes. "Moving?" Lewis asked, his eyebrows pulling together.

            "Yeah," Stephanie chuckled, "They finally realized they put my office in a guy's dorm. I don't know how they didn't notice sooner, but they didn't."

            "Oh," Lewis nodded, giving a small smile. He picked up the first two boxes. "Lead the way," Lewis instructed, trying to hold back a big smile. Stephanie nodded quickly and swiftly moved out of the office. She walked so quickly that Lewis had a hard time to keep up with her. He kept stumbling over his own feet and looking around for her.

            "Keep up," Stephanie giggled.

            "I'm trying, I'm trying," Lewis sighed, "I can't keep up with you."

            Stephanie giggled again and her slim body disappeared again. Lewis rolled his eyes and tried to find her again. He looked around the large boxes he was carrying until he saw her walking towards the teacher's offices. "Did you just get me to help you?" Lewis asked.

            "Yeah," Stephanie shrugged, "Why?"

            "With all of those boxes you have it'll take us forever to get it all done," Lewis answered, following her into the building. Stephanie just shrugged her small shoulders, and turned around.

            Once they got to the office, Lewis set the boxes down. He glanced around briefly before walking back to her old office and getting more boxes. Stephanie just watched the whole time instead of helping Lewis. When he set the final box into her new office, Lewis let out a sigh of relief. "That was a lot of boxes," He chuckled, running a hand through his hair.

            Stephanie shrugged and carefully moved around her new office. "It's great, isn't it?" She mused.

            "Yeah," He nodded, "Sure."

            "How were your first classes today?" Stephanie asked, "Did they go alright?"

            "They were fine," Lewis nodded. Stephanie looked at him thoughtfully and then tucked some hair behind her ear. There was an awkward silence between the two of them. "I should get going," Lewis muttered.

            "Yeah, yeah," She nodded her eyes full of sorrow.

            Lewis walked towards the door. "Good luck in your new office," Lewis sighed, opening the door.

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